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Open Letter From a Ducks Fan in the Frozen North

Duck Family Day is a new feature for every Saturday where Oregon fans share their stories of …. being Oregon fans! Email me [email protected] to share your experiences of you and your family and what it means to be a...

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History Made at ‘Oregon Twilight’

The night was truly star-studded last night at the Oregon Twilight Invitational. Former, current, and future Ducks all toed the line, which made for some pretty special races. Future Duck Matthew Maton had a night he would never forget. He...

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Ducks Score High In Recruiting Class

The Oregon Ducks have always been known for their track prestige, much of their skill stemming from their ability to recruit. This year will be no different; the Ducks have managed to nab the top talent around the country once again. Matthew...