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  • Rick Neuheisel

    Mike Merrell’s Three-And-Out: Where Have All the Villains Gone?

    Before getting into this week’s Three-and-Out, I have one comment that I haven’t seen anywhere else about the big MSU game: Of Oregon’s 46 points, 38 were scored by underclassmen. With Jeff Lockie looking much improved from a year ago with 11-of-12 passing against South …

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  • KC2

    Ayele Forde: The Hidden Gem

    The Duck offense is one of the greatest in the nation, and their defense continuously backs it up year after year. But, there’s another part of the game that many of us either tend to forget or take for granted. You know it — special teams, baby! …

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  • HatfieldDowlin

    Scott’s Turf: Falling Skies

    Chicken Little is alive and well. Yesterday’s landmark decision, the latest in a series of landmarks that is sure to change the way we think of college athletics well into the future, set the angst-ridden fans into a free fall of emotion that had them …

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  • Spring Game 2013 KC 079 E1406759422313

    Oregon’s High-Speed Offense Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

    The Oregon Ducks’ dynamic high-speed and high-tempo offense has been truly amazing to watch during the last several years. With a brilliant mix of veteran talent and developing young stars looking to make names for themselves in the 2014 season, the Ducks show no sign …

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  • Map Hostetler

    College Football Nation: It Pays to Cheat and “Roll Tide” Officer

      Finally some more news to talk about thanks to the PAC-12, ACC, and BIG-12 all stepping up to the plate and holding their media days. We have commissioners telling us cheating is okay, coaches saying it is okay to steal and so much more. …

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  • Map Hostetler

    College Football Nation: O’Bannon v NCAA Begins and Auburn is All In

      We might not have football games to enjoy,  but get ready to tune into the court room as your new gridiron this week. O’Bannon v NCAA begins this coming week and is about to shake up college sports as we have never seen before. …

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  • Oregonvs Washington Softball 307 E1398624037455

    Ducks Softball Has That Championship Look

    Dominant.  Explosive.  Powerful.  While these adjectives have generally been used to describe the Oregon football team, they can also be applied to this year’s softball team, which has found itself ranked No. 1 in the nation for the first time in school history. Their record as of last …

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  • Oregon baseball: San Francisco provides first test for Ducks on 10-game road trip

    The Oregon baseball team hasn’t played a road game in over a month. That will change this week, as the Ducks (17-5, 5-1 Pac-12) embark on a 530 mile bus ride to San Francisco on Monday to start a 10-game road trip. “I’m not a fan of bus rides,” Oregon catcher Shaun Chase said after […]

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  • Johnny Mundt 8 Tennessee13CS 11

    Pac-12 Power Positions: Tight Ends

    As we continue to trudge through the long wait before the start of football season, we’ll  look at some of the best returning talent at key positions in the Pac-12 — one of those positions is tight end.  At the close of last season, the …

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  • Oregon baseball: Ducks feel pressure to handle hobbling Utes this weekend

    Last weekend, the Oregon State baseball team came into Utah’s Smith’s Ballpark and dominated. The Utes lost by a combined score of 19-2, averaged five hits per outing and never held a lead in the three games. This wasn’t much of a surprise, as Oregon State is ranked fourth in the nation and Utah is one of […]

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