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    Deep In the Woods: 5 Reasons Oregon’s MATT Is the King of Courts

      1. Have You Seen the Court Design?! As we all know, U of O’s Kilkenny Floor in Matthew Knight Arena has the number one most crazy, outlandish court in the country.  Just as with nearly every other aspect of Oregon athletics, they went big …

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    Phil Knight a Lucky Charm? Ducks Get the W

      EUGENE, Ore. – The Ducks took on the USC Trojans Saturday night, desperately looking for a win.  With Phil Knight in attendance — and enjoying being the honoree on “Appreciation Knight” with his Duck family – Oregon HAD to come out and put up or shut up.  …

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  • Dana Altman jokes about Phil Knight bobblehead promotion, Artis and Carter suspensions

    Dana Altman was full of emotion during Saturday’s press conference following Oregon’s 78-66 win over USC. In one instance, he gave a long-winded, passionate answer about Jason Calliste and some of the other key fifth year transfer players he’s coached at Oregon. Then, he talked about Saturday’s Phil Knight bobblehead promotion. First, Altman noted the size […]

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    Phil Knight’s Next Project

    Kevin Cline Now that Phil Knight’s $68,000,000 has been fully dispersed for the newest of the new Duck facilities, many people wonder, what will Uncle Phil do next?  More classrooms and lecture halls?  Another library?  More offices for professors?  Maybe a giant playground?  Well, to …

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    Luxury? Pshaaaaw!!

    I had the opportunity of a Duck lifetime last Monday: I was able to tour the University of Oregon Ducks’ new Football Performance Center.  And in about two and one-half hours of looking, snooping and talking with those who seemed to know, came away with …

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    Social Media and Gleaming Facilities Drive Oregon Recruiting

    The Seven Wonders of the World – The Pyramids, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the statue of Zeus at Olympus – were built with grandeur in mind.  Move over Zeus, Phil Knight, Nike magnate and Oregon philanthropist, also thinks big.  His latest wonder is a …

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  • Can’t Beat The Best… Or Can You?

    The average smelly, broken down high school locker room and the lavish Ducks’ locker room are light years apart – and about to go to light centuries.  The Casanova Center has been one of the most technologically advanced training facilities since its opening in 1991.  In …

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  • Oregon’s Uncle Phil

    Everyone knows the name and the face, but few people know the man. Phillip Knight is the force that most view as being behind Oregon’s rise to national prominence.  His countless efforts have put the isolated college town of Eugene, Oregon, on the map and has helped to bring in top …

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  • Oregon Unknowns: Phil Knight Didn’t Help the Ducks…

    A new Friday series are the OREGON UNKNOWNS, where we look at interesting aspects about our beloved Ducks that few fans know about. Some are amusing facts or stories from the inside, while others are the humorous incidents that we fans rarely hear about. Oregon …

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