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Find “The One” and #FireHelfrich

Oregon’s 20-year football nadir has produced three factions on this site. It is no secret that I belong to the outnumbered Root-and-Branch faction. As difficult as may be for some to hear, in this camp we’ve forecasted that Mark Helfrich...


Mark Helfrich: Lost Along the Oregon Trail

Mark Helfrich and Oregon football 2016: So much written, so much argued, so much uncertainty. Amidst the turmoil, one thing is clear: The program now stands at a critical crossroads and turns taken here … or not taken … will...


Oregon’s Steps to Football Excellence

Make no mistake, Oregon football has been making great strides. In the past 20 years, Oregon’s football program has risen from an unsurprising loser to a perpetual championship contender and truly one of the nation’s elite programs. All of this...


Taxing the Athletic Department: A Bad Idea

Mike Merrell’s Three-and-Out The University of Oregon Senate has proposed a 3 % “tax” on the Athletic Department (A.D.)  to help fund general University expenses. ESPN’s Ted Miller likens reluctance to go along with this idea to a 12-year-old child...


FSU: Fans Accept Glory in Winning at Any Cost

Mike Merrell’s Three-and-Out Throughout history, entire populations have been duped into following charismatic leaders with no scruples whatsoever. The unwitting populace draws power from the promise of the spoils of war, and celebrates the exclamation that they are the chosen,...


Oregon Looking to Lockdown Helfrich

In this year’s inaugural College Football playoff, all but one coach have taken a team that they have coached in the past to a National Championship victory.  Nick Saban of Alabama, Jimbo Fisher of Florida State, and Urban Meyer of Ohio State have all led previous teams to...

Register-Guard to sue UO after district attorney denies appeal requesting records from sexual assault case

Register-Guard to sue UO after district attorney denies appeal requesting records from sexual assault case

The Lane County District Attorney rejected two newspapers’ appeal for the University of Oregon to disclose public records from the sexual assault case involving three former Oregon men’s basketball players: Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis and Brandon Austin. One newspaper, The Register-Guard, will sue the UO in Lane County Circuit Court as a result. “The rejection of our appeal […]