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  • Oregon @ WSU 9 20 2014 288 E1411408097420

    Gateway to the Playoffs: Ducks Don’t Coug It; ‘Noles Survive Sans Winston

    Marcus Mariota shines under pressure in conference opener  The first road trip for the Oregon Ducks was not pretty despite managing to survive. Highlighted by seven sacks, the Washington State Cougars exposed Oregon’s obvious weakness in Week 4. With three starting linemen sitting out Saturday due …

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  • HatfieldDowlin

    Scott’s Turf: Falling Skies

    Chicken Little is alive and well. Yesterday’s landmark decision, the latest in a series of landmarks that is sure to change the way we think of college athletics well into the future, set the angst-ridden fans into a free fall of emotion that had them …

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  • Head Nostradamus

    2014 Predictions — Part One

    Boys and girls, fall camp has begun in the world of college football. This starts the official countdown until footballs are kicked off of tees and soccer is kicked back to Telemundo. Your friends at FishDuck.com have been hard at work consulting with the finest …

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  • Scott Frost.TTU

    Scott’s Turf: Unofficial Destruction of Recruiting

      “Inebriate of air am I, And debauchee of dew, Reeling, through endless summer days, From inns of molten blue.” This is the second stanza from Emily Dickinson’s “Poem # 214.” Often referred to by the first line of the first stanza, this poem delves …

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  • Map Hostetler

    College Football Nation: Les Miles vs Tiger Woods and SEC Media Hype

      World Cup fever is all over America right now so I am sure everyone couldn’t care less about the NCAA trials or the off season action. The excitement soccer fans are experiencing with the world cup will be the same felt by college football …

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  • Sechdr

    Who’s Headed to the SEC?

    It has to be fun to be an SEC fan. Fans outside the conference may not like them, a sentiment many media outlets fuel, i.e., how much more “dominant” the SEC is than the rest of college football. What has people frustrated is that, while …

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  • Rb12hdr

    How the Pac-12 Wins Seven Straight Titles

    Amazing Moments Last Monday, I addressed the cracks that were beginning to form in the SEC’s mantle atop college football.  Saturday’s games helped to widen those cracks, as the conference saw member schools challenged by programs such as North Texas and lose a game to …

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  • Stanford.oregon Kc.70

    Numbers Don’t Lie: Pac-12 Better Than SEC So Far

    Kevin Cline The Pac-12 is a better conference than the SEC right now. And now everyone south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and 90 percent of the people above it, will grab their pitchforks and come looking for me. Hold up, let me clarify.  I am …

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  • TennPreGame

    Pregame Analysis – Oregon Ducks vs Tennessee Volunteers

    from Video The Tennessee Volunteers come to town for a return matchup, as Tennessee is one of the few SEC teams that honors its scheduling contracts. The Vols 4-3 base defense has been working hard at being prepared to try to stop the high-octane Ducks’ offense. …

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  • Z5r8WUywtjZ2pxfpXY4Mq L0xbGOlThASg5O  7mYks

    Hey SEC, Enough Is Enough!

    Craig Strobeck For seven straight years the SEC has absolutely dominated college football.  Alabama, Auburn, Florida and LSU have been powerhouses, unthreatened by “lesser” conferences such as the Pac-12 and the Big 12.  The SEC is credited with having the best football players in the …

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