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Oregon Football takes on conference rival Washington at Autzen Stadium on October 8, 2016 (Copyright John D. Sperry 2016) 13

Ducks’ Struggles Could Cost Huskies a Playoff Spot

For more than a decade, the Washington Huskies watched their hated rivals to the south rise to the upper echelon of college football. This rise was accompanied by the annual beating the Ducks put on the Huskies each fall for 12 straight years....

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Playoff Committee Ignores SOS, Good Ship Pac-12 Sinks

In 2015, the College Football Playoff Committee (Committee) seemingly paid no attention to strength of schedule (SOS.) The Committee, by design or lack thereof, has no standard metric to judge a team’s SOS. Accordingly, overall wins in 2015 trumped any...


College Football Nation: Tumultuous Week 2

Bringing you noteworthy news around the nation in college football each week. BIG 12 Kansas State faced severe backlash this week after a space-themed halftime performance gone wrong resulted in a very public desecration of the rival Kansas Jayhawk mascot. The show...