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  • Philly Featured Pic

    Three Reasons Why Chip Kelly’s Offense is Not a Fad

    The list of college coaches who have transitioned well to the professional level is not a long one, and shorter still is the list of those who have done well right away.  Often it’s an inability to deal properly with professional players, other times the …

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    Was That The Philadelphia Eagles Or The Oregon Ducks?

    Kevin Cline Holy guacamole!  That’s about all I can say about last night’s Chip Kelly debut in the NFL.  I can’t deny it, even as a San Francisco 49er fan, I was definitely intrigued to witness Chip Kelly’s offense and RGIII’s comeback.  Heck, I think …

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    The most undervalued position on the Ducks football team

    Kevin Cline Mariota is in danger each time he decides to run. Oregon’s most undervalued position is the backup quarterback.  But how can a backup quarterback be an important player when he is not even playing? With an offense such as the Ducks’ spread, the quarterback carries the ball an …

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  • Vick And Foles1

    Chip and the Eagles: Quarterback Thunderdome

    Top photo courtesy of Keith Allison and Matthew Straubmuller I’ve been resisting the endless discussions about the Eagles’ quarterback competition, because as Chip Kelly has said, he simply won’t have the data to make a decision until he sees his players wearing pads and getting …

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  • Is the Spread Offense Doomed?

    First it was Nick Saban, then Florida coach Will Muschamp. Now, the latest high-profile coach to bash the spread offense is new Arkansas coach Bret Bielema. Three successful, smart, influential coaches, all of whom are calling for rule changes to slow down the spread offense …

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  • Finally, A Duck-Friendly Video Game!

    Since the advent of football video games, designers have gnashed their teeth trying to capture the complex beauty of the spread offense.  For the history buffs, back in the early nineties the classic ‘Bill Walsh College Football’ was among the first.  Until recently, video games …

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