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Disregard the Meaningless BCS Standings . . . for now

Craig Strobeck Every year, the media (ESPN, especially) loves to talk about the much-anticipated BCS standings.  Assorted computers have churned out their initial numbers, electronically ranking the country’s best teams but at this point, it’s not the focus for most...

One-Loss Oregon – A Playoff Regular? 0

One-Loss Oregon – A Playoff Regular?

  The College Football Playoff is only a season from fruition.  Coaches, analysts and NCAA higher-ups believe this is the next step in clearing up the BCS bowl issue, but I see more of the same with this ‘revolutionary’ new system....

The Vampire that is the BCS 7

The Vampire that is the BCS

After watching yet another one-sided, life-sucking — but worst of all, boring — championship game, there is really only one conclusion a reasonable, intelligent college football fan can come to: Somebody needs to drive a stake into this monster. We...