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    Disregard the Meaningless BCS Standings . . . for now

    Craig Strobeck Every year, the media (ESPN, especially) loves to talk about the much-anticipated BCS standings.  Assorted computers have churned out their initial numbers, electronically ranking the country’s best teams but at this point, it’s not the focus for most programs.  The Ducks debut at …

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  • One-Loss Oregon – A Playoff Regular?

      The College Football Playoff is only a season from fruition.  Coaches, analysts and NCAA higher-ups believe this is the next step in clearing up the BCS bowl issue, but I see more of the same with this ‘revolutionary’ new system. Over the last two seasons, …

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    History Shows that Four Straight BCS Bowls Warrants Elite Status for the Ducks

    We all remember what happened back in September of 2009. In perhaps the worst start to a season (and a new era under head coach Chip Kelly) imaginable, the Ducks’ nationally renowned offense was held to 152 total yards in a 19-8 loss to Boise …

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  • The Vampire that is the BCS

    After watching yet another one-sided, life-sucking — but worst of all, boring — championship game, there is really only one conclusion a reasonable, intelligent college football fan can come to: Somebody needs to drive a stake into this monster. We need some heroic vampire hunter …

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