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Royce Freeman — The Next Oregon MVP?

ESPN writer Kevin Gemmell understands Oregon and its offense more than your typical national writer or talking head. As he correctly points out, “What do you think of when you think of Oregon? Fine, after all of the uniform combinations. You think of...

How will the 2015 season shape up for the Ducks? 0

The Numbers Can Lie

With the conclusion of the NBA and NHL Finals, baseball has taken center stage, meaning that football is right around the corner. Bringing with it many questions, hopes and fears for Oregon fans. Is the Pac-12 the best division in...

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Can Jeff Lockie Fill the Void?

When Marcus Mariota was leading the Ducks, everything seemed fine and dandy. Last season rolled along, with much success coming for our men in green and yellow, and black and pink, and white and gray, etc. Towards the end of the season,...