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Top 5 Pac-12 Quarterbacks

Heading into Week 6 of college football, we are almost halfway through the season and the quarterback situation in the Pac-12 has only gotten more intense as the season has progressed. During the off-season, it was being declared all over that...

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Rooting Interests During Oregon’s Bye Week

It’s Breather Week for the Oregon Ducks, who are fresh off another easy win over Washington State. A never-in-doubt, always-in-the-bag, easy-peasy lemon-squeezy win over the Cougars — who were never in it. But, since we at  FishDuck.com/imaduckfanbornandaduckfanbredandillitalicizeduntilimdead aren’t just Duck fans,...

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2014 Predictions — Part One

Boys and girls, fall camp has begun in the world of college football. This starts the official countdown until footballs are kicked off of tees and soccer is kicked back to Telemundo. Your friends at FishDuck.com have been hard at...

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Things I Would Rather Do Than Watch the World Cup

Biggest sporting event in the world! Dwarfing the Super Bowl and the NCAA Tournament combined! More than one $Billion wagered worldwide! Watched in more than 800 million homes worldwide in 356 countries in three galaxies! Sport with the most openly phallic trophy in the history...

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Aaaand They’re Off!

It’s the first Saturday in May and that means its time for the Kentucky Derby.  The food, the mint juleps, the pageantry … All of which make the Kentucky Derby the most exciting two minutes in sports … east of...

Emerald roundtable: Oregon baseball begins Pac-12 play this weekend against USC

Emerald roundtable: Oregon baseball begins Pac-12 play this weekend against USC

Every week during baseball season, our sports staff will discuss various topics surrounding an upcoming Oregon series. Today, digital sports editor Victor Flores and sports reporters Andrew Bantly and Madison Guernsey discuss Oregon’s performance in non-conference play and preview the Ducks’ first Pac-12 series against USC this weekend at PK Park. 1) How would you […]