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Catching Up with Hamani Stevens

  After having a second bye week, the Ducks are back in action preparing for this Saturday’s afternoon game against Colorado. This is going to be quite a special night for everyone as it’s the last game home game of...

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Madness Comes Every Seventh Year

Seven. No number has more mythology or legend associated with it. Many classic tales center on the premise of an occurrence “every seven years.” Football, a sport where the value of its primary form of scoring totals seven points, isn’t...

Oregon meets Stanford at Autzen Stadium. 0

Ducks Come Out Victorious On a Wild Night

The final score says the Ducks came out victorious against Utah last night, 51-27, but the night was full of drama, physicality, smiles and frowns, and the Ducks’ poised quarterback stood tall, leading his team to victory. Utah’s physical front-seven...