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    Redskins! Right, Wrong or Do We Care?

    Once in a while I put the twisted mind that I usually display to you folks in the closet for a week to talk about an issue that has lately come across the cultural dashboard. With the removal of the federal trademark by the U. …

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  • Desean On Interview SAS

    Chip Kelly Update: DeSean is DeGone

    Two weeks ago, I wrote that Chip Kelly and the Eagles front office seemed to be dissatisfied with star wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s attitude, and it looked like they were shopping him around. Less than three hours after my column was published, the Eagles released …

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  • Happier Chip

    Chip Kelly Update: Now that he has your attention….

    from video After careful analysis of expert opinions and game film, the lesson from Chip Kelly’s first NFL game is obvious: Suck It, Doubters. Pundits: “These college plays will never work in the NFL.  Chip’s another Steve Spurrier.  He doesn’t have the personnel.  Mike Vick …

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    Chip Kelly, the Bullfighter

    Rafael Morán Chip Kelly’s play calling in his NFL debut was effective but not dramatic, with one striking exception.  Late in the second quarter, Kelly called one of the crazier formations you’re ever going to see, perhaps for the first time ever in the pros. …

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    Was That The Philadelphia Eagles Or The Oregon Ducks?

    Kevin Cline Holy guacamole!  That’s about all I can say about last night’s Chip Kelly debut in the NFL.  I can’t deny it, even as a San Francisco 49er fan, I was definitely intrigued to witness Chip Kelly’s offense and RGIII’s comeback.  Heck, I think …

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