Honoring Phil Knight

Gary Breedlove

Phil Knight

Honoring Phil Knight

(7 Articles)

–1.  A Tribute to Uncle Phil
Text and Video Article: 
July 3, 2015
Jason Selby does as the title explains and expresses the feelings of many of us.


–2.  Oregon’s Uncle Phil
Text Article: 
March 23, 2013
This article gives some good background on our generous benefactor of our beloved Ducks.


Phil Knight


–3.  Oregon Unknowns: Phil Knight Didn’t Help the Ducks…
Text Article: 
January 4, 2013
Josh White brings up an excellent point that few fans know about Oregon and Phil Knight.


–4.  An Open Letter to a Favorite Uncle
Text Article: 
December 12, 2012
Gabe Judah expresses sentiments in a direction few would know…


–5.  The $10 Million Man: Our Knight in Shining Armor
Text Article: 
November 16, 2016
Marc Burton tells some important stories about Phil Knight.


–6.  Deep In the Woods: 5 Reasons Oregon’s MATT Is the King of Courts
Text Article: 
March 13, 2014
Kerry Merrill explains the wonderful basketball gift from Phil and Penny Knight on behalf of their son.


–7.  Luxury? Pshaaaaw!!
Text Article: 
August 8, 2013
Steven Wright gives us a tour of a new gift, the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex.


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