Specifically for Coaches: The 4-3 Defense

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The Oregon defensive tackle has the “A” gap.

Specifically for Coaches: The 4-3 Defense

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1. Nasty Michigan State Pass Rush Strategies to Look for versus Oregon
Text and GIF Analysis Published 8-05-2014
A superb breakdown of the basics of the infamous Michigan State defense and their pass-rushing strategies. Directory 12.2


2. Lessons for Oregon: How Michigan State Slowed Down Stanford’s Offense
Text and GIF Analysis Published 8-12-2014
A great defensive article that helps you to learn about blitzes and stunts regardless of the team. (Some of it includes Oregon) Directory 12.2

Jerry Thompson

Troy Dye


3. A Coach’s Response: Myth-conceptions about the 4-3 versus the 3-4 Defensive Fronts
Text Analysis Published 2-17-2015
This is an educational piece about the differences between the 4-3 versus the 3-4 defenses. Directory 12.2

4. I Fell in Love With a Defensive System
Text Analysis Published 2-19-2016
For all Defensive coaches and fans who want to learn about defense–this goes into the infamous 4-3 defense at Michigan State that so many now try to emulate. I good primer for getting into learning defense, the 4-3, and the Spartan system. Directory 12.2


5. The 4-3 vs the 3-4 Defensive Analysis: Expectations for Oregon Football
Text Analysis Published 4-24-2016
This is significant statistical analysis as it takes into account nationally how the 4-3 defense has done versus the 3-4. Some surprising conclusions for Oregon fans to know!


6. Coach’s Comments: “Oregon will have TWO New Defenses….”
Text Analysis: Published on 12-28-2016
Charles Fischer and Coach Mike Morris look at the growing trend of defenses playing a base, such as a 3-4, but also delving into other defenses as game conditions will dictate.


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