Opponent Analysis: Keys to Arkansas State (video)

It’s football time in Eugene, as the Ducks are opening their season at home this year against Coach Gus Malzahn and the Arkansas State Red Wolves, a 10-win team in 2011 that features the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Year in quarterback Ryan Aplin.

The last time Gus Malzahn faced Oregon, he found himself utterly stumped against the quick, but stout Oregon defense in the 2010 national championship game. Now, without Cam Newton, Gus Malzahn’s offense looked a lot different at Auburn last season. Instead of pounding away with his super-freak athlete in Newton, Malzahn payed homage to his roots in the Wing-T offense, and used misdirection and leverage to compensate for the change in personnel during the 2011 season.

We’ll take a look at the inverted veer, screen passes, end around counters, and more in our first opponent analysis video of the 2012 season. Let’s learn more about the Arkansas State Red Wolves:

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