ESPN’s Kanell spills the beans: Mariota has WON the Heisman!

In a recent television show on ESPN both Joey Galloway and Danny Kanell were asked about the three Heisman candidates and their chances of winning.  Could Oregon’s Marcus Mariota win the Heisman after winning the Maxwell, the Walter Camp, the Davey O’Brien, and the Johnny Unitas awards?

Danny Kanell could not restrain his enthusiasm the for Duck quarterback as he spilled the beans on the results of the Heisman voting a full day in advance. “Yeah, I know our bosses don’t want us to say this because we need the TV ratings for the Heisman presentation, but it’s a lock.”

“His name is already on the trophy…. The second part of the season he began to really separate himself from the field.”

Marcus will get this today!

From Video

Marcus will get this today!

ESPN’s Joey Galloway chimed in, “Yeah…it’s been that way. Since the second half of the season, its like ‘will he finish the season’ and if he does, he wins the Heisman as he’s been that good.”

Kanell continued with, “I know it is not a career award, but he’s got 101 touchdowns on his career, and only 12 interceptions on his career. That is less interceptions than Jameis Winston has on this season alone!”

Wow.  I don’t know if I’ve heard such a disclosure in advance of an announcement quite like this before, and I had to see it on video to completely absorb it. A special shout-out to Eugene’s Steve Tannen for letting his listeners know on his afternoon radio sports show  on 95.3 The Score being broadcast from New York.

I heard this as I was driving home and said to myself…”really… Kanell really let the cat out of the bag?” You can hear it for yourself on YouTube.  Nice catch by Tannen for all us Duck fans!

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