A REVERSE Writer/Editor REVOLT alters our destiny at FishDuck.com

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Nevermind! Belay that order! My bad! Back at you …  However you want to say it, I, Mr. FishDuck, had things changed on me at this site, FishDuck.com, and it will alter the course of the site permanently. If you think things have been changing weekly, you are right.  Who needs TV when you have the drama that I, and the site, can provide?

About a year ago, this site was publishing an average of two articles a day, just as we had done for the previous three years. In the fall, we added the Sports News Team and began producing about six articles a day on average, and that continued until early May. I announced then how we were shutting down that part of the site and scaling back to three or four articles per day to improve quality.

I then announced one week ago how I had to scale back my involvement to begin living a normal life again. I cannot work 70 hours a week at two jobs forever, and many of you have been understanding. The site was going to remain alive, but dormant … with a few writers providing an occasional article and my analysis, or one by a guest coach. FishDuck.com was going to start in slow-mode last Sunday.

Then the Reverse Writer/Editor Revolt happened!

Writers and editors contacted me, saying, “I did not volunteer for you, Charles, at FishDuck.com … I joined because I enjoy writing or editing, and because the site is still going to be alive … can’t I continue to do what I like doing?

Huh? That made me think — was I going to be a selfish jerk and shut it down because it no longer fit my schedule? Or was there a way to make this work for everyone involved?

Caleb Couturie, Managing Editor, (left) and Jason Selby, writer, (right) are bright young reasons to keep the site alive.

Caleb Couturie and Jason Selby

Caleb Couturie, Managing Editor, (left) and Jason Selby, writer, (right) are bright young reasons to keep the site alive.

So, I contacted writers and editors to see who wanted to stay on board, and, boy, was I surprised; the majority remain in place with quite a few writers joining us in the fall. We will still have two editors a day AND a managing editor who will take the reins of the site.

I will get a break and the site will continue! The funny part is that tomorrow, Monday, June 29 — we begin a new schedule that will average two articles per day, just like how we operated for so long! We are going full circle with an emphasis on quality and some innovative article categories to reduce redundancy. We are back, and back to how we were at our best, and now going forward.

Technical Editor Steven Wright likes to ponder management options, and culture flow in a business. It’s always an interesting conversation when we discuss the ebbs and flows of FishDuck.com. Here’s an example:

“The culture at the site is changing, Charles, as it is more in the hands of the writers and editors themselves … a co-op if you will. It will be fascinating to see where the site evolves a year from now.”

This Husky fan wishes we would shut down...

From Video

This Husky fan wishes we would shut down …

Amen. This all-volunteer site is prepared by intense, devoted Oregon fans … who are doing it for fellow intense Oregon fans! This will be fun to watch and read during the next year as FishDuck.com progresses.

As for me? I will enjoy being able to dig into the plays again … the football itself as opposed to managing people. Today, as you read this, I am happily preparing a piece for Tuesday’s Analysis writing slot, “The Jake Fisher Effect: Aggressive Oregon Offensive Linemen!” I think you will have fun reading it and hoot at the GIFs I am creating; now THAT is what I am supposed to be doing!

My thanks for your patience. This free site will continue in the way we know best.

Charles Fischer  (FishDuck)

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