How to Write an EYE-CATCHING Article in WordPress! (without ampersands)

Want to post your most brilliant ideas and have reader hits abound? Not sure where to start? This article is for you! Read on to find out how to use the WordPress interface, adhere to house style, generate interest, maintain interest, and more…

SEOs, Titles, and Love at First Paragraph

Photographer's Name

Put caption here.

Many readers start out at when they are looking for Ducks news. This is why it is important to fill out the SEO pack– the tags that connect your readers’ searches to your article. Include any possible searches that someone might use to look for the writing you’ve created. Also include your amazing title and a brief description of the article.

Speaking of titles– They’re the most important part! While we are taught not to “judge a book by its cover”, in today’s world of instant search results and, well, instant everything, you only get one chance to make an inviting impression. So make sure it’s a sizzling one. Oh– and don’t add any ampersands. This: &. Google thinks it’s coding, not a fancy-schmancy symbol for our most beloved conjunction, and.

Next, in the order your readers sees it, is your first paragraph. This is like your elevator pitch. You only get a few words to, as Charles puts it, “set the hook” on your fan. (Editors love to help with things like this, so feel free to utilize their love of words!) After that, it’s about continuing that great writing, using the correct format and including the next huge hit-magnet: Graphics.

Keep ‘Em Hooked with Good Looks…

While you may have the most riveting sports editorial for your fellow fans, some people just aren’t attracted unless you use WordPress to call attention to and organize certain things. The text body should be vanilla old “Paragragh” (located on the leftmost section of your toolbar), while section titles should be a bolded “Heading 2”. Mess that up? Just hover over each tool until you see one named “Toolbar Toggle”, click on it, and use the “Undo” button. Or just press CRTL + Z.

Create links by first going to the link’s intended destination and copying its URL to your clipboard. Then, in WordPress, highlight the text that you wish to become the link. On the toolbar, click on the “Insert/Edit Link” tool and paste your URL. Within that smaller window, click on the “Settings” button, which looks like a gear. Check the box that makes your link appear in a separate window.

But before you send your readers away from the site, be sure to include a picture (800 x 400 pixels) every 300 words. Want to embed a YouTube video? Even better. Copy the coding from YouTube after you change it to 780 pixels, then switch to “Text” mode in WordPress. Locate the part of your article where you want the video to be, and paste in your coding. Switch back to “Visual” mode to see your results.

Oh, and speaking of twins, be sure to (A) include a featured photo and (B) make sure it is not a duplicate of last week’s feature photo. Unlike the video above, it is neither interesting nor cute.

It’s Not What You Say, but How You Say It

Lastly, we will cover some finer points of the text body. In addition to use AP Style with house style, you may find that you want to

align right,

align center,

or just plain align left. Want to offset a quote with the “Blockquote” feature?

“Offset a quote like this. Place quotation marks at the beginning and end. Next, highlight the entire quote body, change the typeface to italic, and press the ‘Blockquote’ tool button, which looks like a large beginning quotation mark.”

Ta da! Always be sure to cite your source. Giving credit where credit is due is not only kind, but also keeps us out of legal trouble. And lets Charles do more of what he enjoys. And, once again, every 300 words or so, find a picture to illustrate your point. It helps to stick with gallery photos like these:

[I can’t seem to get an image inserted? Add media–> click on one from the gallery –> click “Insert”. I do that and nothing happens…for the featured photo, too.]

And there you have it: A well-written article and title with a professional appearance and entertaining visuals. If you keep the length between 500 and 1,000 words, it will be “just right” for your readers. Happy writing!

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