An Open Letter to the FishDuck Community

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Dear fellow FishDuckians,

Tuesday July 20th was a sad day for our community, with Charles’ announcement regarding the future of the site, and his dramatically reduced involvement in it. The good news in all of this, is what happened in the blog below the article. I spent most of Tuesday reading all of those comments. I was impressed not only by the expressions of love for Charles, and all of the sacrifices that he has made over the past decade in getting to where it is today, but also by the level of interest that surfaced surrounding the notion of somehow keeping our community alive.

If you are reading this, perhaps you are one of those who would be interested and willing to give it a shot, and join together with other like-minded Duck fans? Perhaps we can make something wonderful emerge.

Clearly, we have a limited window of time to get something going. Discussions need to begin as soon as possible. For this reason I have taken it upon myself to be involved as merely one of the initial coordinators. I absolutely do not see myself as starting another site, identical to FishDuck, with Lou Farnsworth as Charles Fischerredivivus. If a viable sized group of folks can come together, who want to pursue that goal, then other leadership/coordinators can emerge, and perhaps we can create that ongoing community.

Lou Farnsworth

Shawn and I have been Duck fans for so many years as you have. Join us!

Personally, what I envision is a new, community driven, grass roots site, with a new name, with shared leadership and rotating responsibilities. Perhaps with articles that are posted not by a staff of writers, but by a wide range of members of the community. The articles would have to be vetted and edited of course, for obvious reasons, but would allow for a continuation of the kind of discussions, (in a safe, civil, mature manner), that we have come to love so much.

Perhaps a forum could also be created to allow for full discussion of all the events of the day surrounding Our Beloved Ducks? I have lots of ideas, and I suspect that you do as well. Lets get a steering committee started, and begin the process.

If what I shared here resonates at all with you, please call or text me at 951-217-1448. Or email me at  I would love to learn what you are thinking, and what vision you have for going forward from here.

With hopeful expectations for our community,

Lou Farnsworth
Pueblo, Colorado

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Daily Articles NO MORE on FishDuck

Please see this explanation right here… and to learn about the impact of FishDuck on so many–check the summary right here.  I will be writing intermittently on FishDuck (as the mood strikes) this summer, and a couple of times a week during the football season, and those articles and analyses will be posted here on FishDuck, and the links to my articles will also be available on the new site PuddleHuddle, when it is up soon.

New at FishDuck? Learn about the site right here!

Our 32 rules can be summarized to this: 1) be polite and respectful, 2) keep it clean, and 3) no reference of any kind to politics. Easy-peasy!

Take note though, there are NO STRIKES, NO WARNINGS, and NO SLACK given. Violate the rules and you are gone, as this is what the 99% who post superb comments want. (The Ban could be for weeks, months or permanent) For the less than 1% out there who do not have impulse-control … as you write your comment that violates our rules, ask yourself, “is this worth getting banned over?”

FishDuck members….we got your back.  No Trolls Allowed!

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Mr. FishDuck CANNOT Group Email After All:

My friends, I have run into a snag that does not allow me to send a group email out as I thought when I post an article. Do check back often and please contact Lou about helping to keep the community alive.

If this group creates a new forum…I will be there every day in Duck Discussion with all of you, but this will take a group effort to keep the unique community together. Join Lou!

Fans in 2018_Kevin Cline.jpg

Hi LF! Thanks for taking the initiative! I would love to be part of the community!



Darren Perkins

Ticket Alert: Ducks at Fuskies single-game tix went on sale through the UW at 9am this morning.

Dale Newton

Two new articles up at The Duck Stops Here. It’s not Fish Duck, but it’s Duck football and a chance to comment and participate in a safe place (no comment gets published until I review it; I share Charles’ disdain for flaming and trolls. Disagreement and lively discussion are great! Personal attacks and insults don’t make anyone feel good.)

For the Ducks to be a contender, Kayvon Thibodeaux has to seize greatness
Improved offensive line the key to a more productive Quack Attack


I can help with moderation, as I’ve had experience doing just that on a few other sites.

Jon Joseph

Lou, Thank You!

Man, without the daily FD article yesterday, was I Jonesin’, or what? The answer is not ‘or what?’

VandownbytheriverDuck, Sir, your life style sounds pretty darn idyllic.

Unlike you, I have no excuse for being a tech-challenged greybeard. Other than to note, that I was among the last generation who actually had to go to a library to do research.

Back then, knowing the answers was required. Today, it’s more important to know how to format questions so that an all-knowing machine can provide the answers.

So yes, I would love to come with a couple of Ponder Point questions and/or two articles a week.

But I need editorial assistance to make this happen. I know Charles says learning ‘THIS” is not that difficult, and I’m certain that in most cases he is correct. However, while I admit to being a beneficiary of The Net, I harbor deep concerns as to what all of this new tech is doing to our species, and in what direction this tech is leading our species?

I’m sorry, but I am constitutionally unable to ‘get’ all of this high tech stuff. Pretty similar to not being able to ‘get’ how to hit my golf clubs!

So, with this less than minor caveat, LOU, please sign me up! At the very least, I will share my 2 cents (hoping it is worth this much) in the Comments section.


BTW, today’s discussion would have been a doozy!

Yesterday, The Houston Chronical reported that Oklahoma and Texas have together sought out whether the SEC is interested in adding them to the conference? This would bring about the first 16 team Super Conference.

Ironically, this news broke when A+M coach, Jimbo Fisher, was on the podium at SEC media days.

The SEC is already hauling in the dough, the main reason for OK and UT making the move, but add these 2 teams and the SEC would likely exceed the B1G in annual distributions to its member teams.

This would not be a geographic reach for the SEC. Existing members, A+M, Arkansas and Missouri, like Texas and Oklahoma, are located in the Central time zone.

Should this happen, kiss the B12 (that would be reduced to 8 teams) Goodbye.

And this realignment would likely cause some kind of merger between the remaining B 12 schools and the Pac-12?

I see OK ST, TX TECH, Kansas + K St as potential candidates for the Pac-12? Recall that CU used to be in the same conference as these 4 teams.

Of course, if the Pac-12 desired a bigger market, and more influence in Texas, TCU, in the Dallas metroplex and Baylor might make sense?

Economics would likely have the Pac-12 powers-that-be lowering academic concerns? And perhaps, Baylor and TCU’s religious connections would not be a barrier?

College athletics, especially CFB and CBB, is a big, big business. Size goes to size in business. Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC is a logical fit.

Jon Joseph

Thanks Lou. I’m more than ready to contribute as a humble scribe.

Thanks for taking this on.

Charles has created a community here that is too good to lose.

I did send you an email earlier today.

All the best.


About the speculation of Texas and Oklahoma reaching out to SEC:

Bjork said he will be “diligent in our approach to protect Texas A&M.”
“We want to be the only SEC program in the state of Texas,” Bjork said. “There’s a reason why Texas A&M left the Big 12 — to be standalone, to have our own identity.”

Bjork Also said he and fellow SEC athletic directors had not discussed bringing Texas and Oklahoma into the conference. According to the SEC bylaws regarding conference membership, “a vote of at least three-fourths of the members is required to extend an invitation for membership,” or in this case, 11 of the 14 schools.

I guarantee Texas AM will be lobbying heavily with other fellow SEC schools to not vote in favor of the move into SEC. This is too tempting of a prize though for SEC to let it slip through their fingers.

The report also stated “One potential obstacle for such a move, at least anytime soon, is that Oklahoma and Texas signed a Big 12 grant-of-rights agreement, in which they granted their first- and second-tier media rights for football and men’s basketball to the conference through June 30, 2025. That means the Big 12 would still own those schools’ media rights for those sports — even if they are no longer members — until the agreement expires.”

The report also said “The Big 12’s TV contracts with ESPN and Fox also expire in 2025. The Longhorn Network’s deal with ESPN goes through 2031.”

It will be interesting to see how they navigate through all of the contractual obligations. But then again, sad to say, money does talk.

Jon Joseph

11 votes are needed to expand to 16. A+M has but 1 vote. (10 years as a member of the SEC and Georgia has yet to play a game in College Station!)

When A+M joined, it added 10M new subscribers to the SEC Network. Missouri added 2M.

When the #s are crunched in regard to adding Texas and Oklahoma joining, I think it will be darn difficult for the vast majority of SEC teams not to get on board.

If A+M brought in 10M subscribers, what would Texas bring with it?

As to the media rights, this comes down to a potential law suit and a settlement of the suit. Texas and Oklahoma can write big checks.

The B12 asked ESPN and FOX to come to the table early to renegotiate the current media deals. Both declined to do so. An impetus, no doubt, behind UT and OK’s desire to get out of Dodge.

Interesting that, to date, no UT or OK spokesperson has issued any kind of denial; just the vanilla ‘things are always subject to change.’

ESPN has a vested interest. UT joins the SEC and ESPN can dump the bust Longhorn Network. I think UT gets that if it joins the SEC it won’t have its own network.

UT and OK joining the SEC would set up a perfect pod of UT, OK, A+M and either Arkansas or Missouri?

IMO, there is simply too much money on the table for this not to happen.

Then, will the B1G look to add 2 more teams? Will Notre Dame become an ACC full time football member as the new ACC commissioner so desires?

And wither the Pac-12? Behind the curve financially as of now, this would put the conference way behind the B1G + SEC. And the ACC has a network 100% owned and operated by ESPN.

Will USC stand pat? Or, look to have NBC give it a Notre Dame-like deal as an independent?

As we have seen previously, a few realignment dominoes fall and lots of dominoes fall. I see the B12 going the way of the Big East.

Jon Joseph

NJDuck – further on UT/OK joining the SEC.

Missouri was considered to be a program that would not want UT + OK to come on board.

At SEC media day, today, when it was his turn at the podium, Mizzou HC, Eli Drinkwitz, said that both he and the Mizzou AD would welcome both schools to the SEC.

He also mentioned that he passed by SEC Commissioner, Greg Sankey, in the hallway and asked Sankey, ‘Is the Horns Down sign going to be a 15 yard penalty in the SEC?’

Sankey’s reply, ‘No comment.’


I agree with you, nothing is going to stop this train, even with the contractual obligations. What concerns me most after this move to the SEC is which schools will BIG bring into their conference? What is that going to do to the PAC12 and our beloved Oregon Ducks? What schools will be left worth while to join the PAC12? Can the PAC12 survive without a great tv/streaming package deal to bring in the big bucks?

Jon Joseph

Dream, dream, dream?

The B1G goes coast to coast and adds UW + Oregon?

With the $ ESPN is pouring into the SEC and the money FOX has invested in the B1G, a new media entity, like Amazon that has dipped its toe into the NFL, may be the saving grace?

Games kick off in the daylight and are streamed all day long?

I suspect there are enough people to write articles and produce the content but the editing and posting to the site might need professional assistance/management.

Further, moderation of potential trolling type verbiage might need to fall on the community and their collective flagging of posts for removal, review, and further action.

I’m technically challenged as I live in a van down by the river but will offer to contribute content.

I think the site needs one professional who lives at their computer.

Presently on sabbatical in Brazil where green and yellow go over quite well. 🇧🇷👙🔥❤️

Posting articles to the new site can be easily taught via online Zoom meetings, as we have done with so many writers and editors at FD over the years.

We will need volunteers who will scan through the new posts during a “shift” where it is not every minute, but every half hour so–the moderator on shift checks the new posts.

This endeavor is going to primarily succeed or fail based on people stepping up and giving a few of their 168 hours per week to the community, in what will be fairly easy work. Not hard, but time consuming. But if divided among enough people–it can work.

A retired person who wants to make this important in their life and help us significantly–especially in the beginning, can also make-or-break this.

It will be a new mind-set now; if we care about this community, the only one of it’s kind….we all have to do our part.

It’s the set “shift” that makes me unable.

Life in a van is highly mobile, fluid and unpredictable.

As a motivational speaker I simply cannot commit to that which I may not be able to consistently follow through with, and therein lies my conundrum.

However I believe giving multiple people “flagging” privileges would at least allow multiple people moderation ability and keep the trolls at bay and hide their comments.

The “retired” guy might well be on the site a lot but also not able to set a schedule. Retirement generally precludes work schedules.

I have been on a lot and also off for long periods packing in the wilderness, elk hunting, and sailing offshore.

If one were to appoint numerous trusted “moderators” who could flag and hide/remove offending posts when seen and subsequently comment directly to the offender, thereby giving the offender the ability to edit or repost, the community might be able to “police” the site sufficiently.

Everybody in the community will be able to “flag” an objectionable post, and that flag will bring attention to the staff of that post.

My experience is that if nobody is assigned to a task at a given time–then it doesn’t get done, as everyone “assumes” that others will do it.

My experience of moderating for four years, thousands of posts and hundreds of emails, (as you know) is that the community cannot do it themselves. But the truth also is….since I have not had to delete a comment since Mid-March from among the regulars, it demonstrates that moderating this current group is easy.

But we will have new people joining us with regularity in the new site who have to go through an adaption period, (as you know) where they learn that an aggressive tone is not needed, or the purpose is to share thoughts and not win an argument and learning where the “line” is on things.

The ongoing group of newbies will need to be watched, and then you will have the drive-by Trolls who will say, “you have rules? We’ll see about that!” And you have to jump on that immediately as I did on Monday. (That guy was out within 20 minutes of posting a comment….and I am ashamed to admit that was fun to ban-his-rear when he is taking shots at the writer.)

There is a TON to this, and overwhelming for one person, as I can attest. But if everyone does a little bit–this community can be saved and it can grow.

Dale Newton

I’ve always enjoyed the articles and comments on Fish Duck and it would be amazing to see it continue.

If you’re looking for some daily Duck content and an opportunity to comment on news, opinions and developments on Oregon football, perhaps in the meantime, I have some fresh content for you:

Duck fans: What can Brown do for you?
How you do anything is how you do everything
Into the great wide open

Name, Image and Likeness is going to transform college football, and we may not like all the changes.

Mario Cristobal enters the prove-it year

It’s all here at:

I don’t in anyway mean to infringe or detract on what Charles has achieved at Fish Duck. This has been an incredible collaboration of writers, editors and community, spearheaded by one of the most passionate and genuine people in sports.

Best wishes to all of you.

Dale Newton


Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

No sweat. I posted FD articles on other sites, so it is good that people are aware of your writing. I like the “Prove-it” year article, because either we are going to be doing a lot a screaming or a bunch of wailing at the end of the 2021 season.

Santa Rosa Duck

Dale, my favorite T-shirt “The Duck Stops Here” is reserved for the important games.


Lou, Count me in as one who would be interested in joining with a group of like-minded individuals. I am more than interested in keeping this (green refuge, this safe haven) alive for civil duck fans. Over the years I have come to appreciate some of my “duck buddies” (thanks Charles, for that phrase) who post comments.

I like the idea of a forum where we can continue to be in touch. Folks like you, Jon, David, DanLDuck, Quackanadian, Annie, Mudslide, Ptdduck, Hayward Duck, Notalot, Santa Rosa Duck (just to name a few) have become trusted colleagues, and people who I enjoy reading their comments. Vandownbythe riverduck, Drake, Critical Duck, and the others make up a community I enjoy being part of.

I gave you a call this afternoon, so you have my number. Let me know if we get some others who are interested, and I will be glad to help.

Thanks again Charles for letting us use your site as we embark on this little project! Go Ducks!

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Absolutely as I have quite a vested interest in this, as I too want the community preserved and a place to discuss the Ducks in peace.

If enough people step up to help with the new forum/blog, then it becomes reality and I will send everybody over there to discuss my articles that I publish here.

Gosh it could be fun. Step up and be a part of something not seen anywhere in the Duck Universe! Contact Lou!

Shout it out_Kevin Cline.jpg