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The Civil War. It’s a game that, more often than not through history, had been of little more than regional interest.  Had there been a GameDay back then, it wouldn’t normally have come to Oregon.  Some years the Ducks and Beavers put on their border skirmish with little on the line save for Willamette Valley bragging rights and the winner’s …

Great Seasons In Duck History: 2007 Jonathan Stewart

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Jonathan Stewart came into the 2007 season with high expectations, and he would deliver with a record setting season at Oregon. Earlier in his career at Oregon, the running back showed unbelievable flashes of previously unparalleled potential, but was often hindered by injuries. In 2006 was when Stewart really got things going. He started 12 games, was named 2nd team all …

Time runs out on Ducks

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Sometimes Mighty Mo-men-tum needs a little extra time to complete its journey. The expanse can be that far and wide. As Oregon learned the hard way Saturday night. The No. 4-ranked Ducks roared from far behind only to come up short 38-35 against Southern California in a college football thriller at Autzen Stadium that is sure to be remembered for …

15 year anniversary: Oregon’s 1996 season comeback (Part I)

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Oregon opened the 1996 season strong, followed by a difficult mid-season slump.  To open the season, Oregon had won a tight battle in the first-ever NCAA regular season overtime game over Fresno State.  The next two non-conference games over Nevada and Colorado State were victories for Oregon, and the Ducks were nationally ranked.  Unfortunately for Oregon, the defense struggled to …

Pondering Our Passion

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Under normal circumstances the 9 A.M. Big Ten game doesn’t hold much interest for me. Usually I would spend Saturday morning sleeping in, taking a leisurely shower, and maybe taking the wife out for an early lunch, before settling in for hours of college football. The Ducks play a lot of late afternoon and evening games nowadays, so I have plenty of time to warm up by rooting against OSU or the Purple Plague before our game. Last Saturday wasn’t normal circumstances, though. Penn State v. Nebraska was must see college ball.

Tales from the stat sheet: De’Anthony Thomas’ Oregon career off to an historic beginning

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De’Anthony Thomas is not the next Reggie Bush. He’s not the next anyone. He’s the first De’Anthony Thomas. Which makes him one of the most exciting and dynamic open-field runners you will ever see. In space, as the announcers like to say, with one man or a couple of defenders to beat, he often makes them look helpless, a blur …

The Fish Report: Winning Strategies Against Stanford

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What a showcase game of Oregon Football! Our young men were prepared and ready for the national spotlight as they epitomized their motto of “Fast-Hard-Finish,” on both offense and defense. We knew that Coach Kelly would pull something new out for this game, and he didn’t disappoint, as we study a new offensive strategy and examine the background components that …

Ducks versus Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterbacks

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In recent days and weeks leading to Oregon’s season-defining showdown with heretofore undefeated Stanford, the story wasn’t just that Chip Kelly‘s team was facing the nation’s #4 squad, or that a win might make another BCS title-game run possible. Given the accolades that have been showered for the past two years on Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck, it seems the Ducks …