FishWrap Friday Game 10 Preview: Oregon @ Stanford

Game of the Century Round II? This is truly a special matchup late in the PAC 12 Season. Can Oregon match up with the powerful Cardinal run attack, and contain Andrew Luck in the same game? Can Stanford stop the improving Ducks Offense? In a game with such even categories, and a game that isn’t the first game of the season, it will either come down to the best quarterback, and since I don’t want to narrow it down to that, which offense can execute the best. Either way, expect a great game overall.


[tubepress video=”OoSQ4rtnjNA” embeddedWidth=’534′ embeddedHeight=’314′ title=”false” length=”false”]



Well this is one is almost too close to call. It reminds me a lot of the Oregon-LSU matchup because of the way that you can’t really pick someone on paper, because it is so darn close. Oregon has firepower, but they also have a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot, or at least a recent trend of being choppy. If the Ducks come out of the gates slowly, like they have in almost every game this season, then Stanford will be up by 21 at half time. If the Ducks are on top of their game, they can fight with Stanford to the bitter end.

Expect Darron Thomas to be a bigger piece of Oregon’s success than Andrew Luck to Stanford’s.

I say Oregon is on top of their game, and Allioti’s defense is ramped up. It comes down to the last possession, and Luck has the ball.

It really could go either way

Oregon: 36

Stanford: 38

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Josh Schlichter

Josh Schlichter

Josh is a College Football enthusiast from sunny Southern California. He has written for several self-operated prep sports blogs, as well as multiple SB Nation sites. In High School, Josh played football for four years, and helped create and operate the team's no-huddle system. Most of Josh's football knowledge branches from watching College Football his entire life, and is backed up by his first hand experience in both option and spread offenses. Above all, though, he is a proud student at the University of Oregon. @joshschlichter

  • Marlon

    Josh, I agree with your analysis. This will be a alot like the LSU game. And it could go either way. I going to bet the DUCKS have learned from their defeat at the hands of LSU and will use that defeat as a learning experience to defeat Stanford.

    Oregon 38
    Stanford 36

    • Josh

      I hope it is exactly like the LSU game except the Ducks don’t make unforced mistakes. If we do that, we win.

  • JoshDuck

    Great stuff as always, Josh. I look forward to your video each week.

    I think the Duck defense will rise to the occasion, and Stanford over 4 quarters will struggle trying to stop an Oregon offense hitting their stride. Luck will make plays, but it won’t be enough..

    Oregon- 44

    Stanford- 24

    • Josh

      I sure hope we can neutralize the running game, because Luck alone won’t be able to control the ball for the entire game (citing the USC game here).

  • LADuck

    The key to this game will be third down conversions.  Stanford rules here.  Third down conversions mean time of possession in the Cardinal favor. The mighty Duck O standing on the sidelines as spectators.  We saw lack of third down conversions by Oregon is the last two games. Unfortunately,  Stanford does not make mistakes and they are extremely patient.  They grind opponents down and in the end do not settle for field goa…they make touchdowns.  Oregon’s secondary will have to gamble on gap plugging blitzs or dropping back into short field coverage. Boyett and Pleasant need to bring their best games. Oregon can win this game but it will take a perfect game; no penalties and no dropped passes. DT will have to show Stanford his ability to run which is the only way the Zone Red strategies ever work.  Chip Kelly has been hiding some tricks (not gimmicks) specifically for the game.  Can’t wait to see them. Maybe go away from the hurry up? Go Ducks!

    • agree 100%, no unforced mistakes and it’s Oregon’s game to lose.

  • Ben Aguilar

    Nice topic, sad to see the Stanford pick, but its realistic. I personally think the key to the game is the 1st down and forcing them into longer 3rd downs. Obviously this battle is going to be fought in the trenches on the line.

    Go Ducks!

    • Josh

      It is very hard to pick against the Ducks, but again, it could go either way. I just gave the nod to the home team, better QB and the fact that the Stanford band might put some sort of hex on the team at halftime.

  • stanford is good,, but oregon is just better, all around. Stanford was beaten by USC 2 weeks ago, ofiicials blew a pass interfernec or bogus bad hit call, and gave stanford the first down plus 15 otherwise usc wins in regulation, USC was the better team. stanford is definitely beatable, oregon is much better. In the osu stanford also got big breaks on bs calls by refs, changed a very close game, poor beavers!!? lol.. but i really wonder why you chose to make your case for stanford by using colo as an example??!! the worst team in pac 12 makes every oither team look super. Oregon could ve scored 100,, but so what?? same stanford,, colo is no example for any good team. That wreally undermined your whole analysis,, you didnt think about that??.. oregon 48- stan 23,, ducks d dominates, again, oregon offense has a fun day,, sorry luck is just a bit overated theses days,, and its chip and co like last year to show the world who is best,, things do not change either quickly or in favor of stnford,, i say the loss of coach harbaugh and certain players  and stanford was better team last year than now. appreciate your efforts none the less.

    • Josh

      I used Colorado in the analysis because it was the highest quality video I could get and best portrayed the concepts I wanted to show in the video. They hung 60+ on Washington. I could have showed that game if I had video in high quality

  • Good job on this video Josh.  I’m driving up tonight, will be at College Gameday and the battle Saturday night.  I expect a hard-fought game in the trenches, and this one is on Oregon’s front 7 to limit the power run game forcing Stanford into obvious passing situations.  It sounds crazy, but the more Luck is forced to throw the better Oregon’s chances in this one…

    • Josh

      I definitely agree. Watching Stanford rotate 4 running backs all game is not the way Oregon will be successful. Maybe saying that Luck throwing the ball around is a bit strange, but it will lengthen the game at the very least. Playing in to Oregon’s hands, subsequently

  • Marlon

    Josh are you a believer now!

    I am so proud of this Ducks team and how they handled both sides of the ball. Fav. play 4 and 7 and DT throws a screen pass to DAT for a 41 yd TD.

    That field at Stanford is was a joke. They had not cut the grass since Wed. But to our advantage it worked out in the Ducks favor.

    Luv my Ducks.

    • yes, I am definitely a believer now. I won’t ever pick against Chip Kelly in PAC 12 play again.