Top Photo Credit for FishDuck

Eugene Johnson (above) has shot thousands of amazing photos for FishDuck.

Top Photo Credit for FishDuck

The photos at the top of the site and at the top of the forum, or “above the fold” are from Eugene Johnson and we appreciate it!

Kevin Cline, (above) is very serious about his work… and it shows on as he has been with the site since the beginning!

We are very fortunate to have the work of these photographers on the site over the last eight years, as they put thousands of dollars into their equipment and contribute hundreds of hours driving to the games, shooting and editing on our behalf.

Tom Corno has shot some great photos for FishDuck since he began working with us a few years ago.

Craig Strobeck provides some of the most colorful pictures on the site and has been there from the beginning!

Gary Breedlove is also a pro who has shot a number of photos for this site prior to 2018. We are grateful for his work…

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