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What is FishDuck.com?

The primer article (link above) is what the site is about; it is pretty unusual to have this kind of quality from an all-volunteer site, but then these are exceptional people!

The incredible 1,000+ piece Oregon Football Repository for all Oregon Fans

There is nothing like this at any other Oregon website and a treasure for Ducks fans in finding what they need for entertainment, for research and for learning Oregon Football in one place, and for free.

FishDuck.com: An Amazing Track Record Predicting Oregon Football

Above is an article covering a few of the subjects that this site revealed about Oregon football before any other media outlet.

FishDuck.com Staff

FishDuck exists?

Meet Mr. FishDuck 

Above is an introduction to the founder of the site, Charles Fischer.

What IS a FishDuck?

The next article (Above) fills in more information about the site–such as how we got the odd name. (It was NOT the planned name)

FishDuck…why are you giving away Oregon’s Secrets?

Mr. FishDuck got asked this question (Above) SO many times that he gave in and provided an article for permanent reference.

Is FishDuck.com going Negative on Oregon? 

The article (Above) explains our new editorial policy about how our writers will position themselves concerning articles about the University of Oregon.

Let’s Meet the Current Writers and Editors!  (Click here)

Past Writers and Editors of FishDuck.com  (Click here)  

Above are links to see the biographies and pictures of the current and past writers, along volunteers in other departments. You can click on their picture and go to all their articles arranged in the order they were published. Below the fold on this page are four articles that tell you more about the site, and answer many of the questions you may have.

If you have an article or video link you would like to share with the Oregon Football Repository, then email me charles@fishduck.com as the writers and editors of the site are grateful for the help.


Help us Build and Maintain an Oregon Football Repository at FishDuck.com for all Duck fans!

The Oregon Football Repository is massive and contains 1,000+ Articles and Videos in 12 sections:

From Video

Ed Dickson and LaMichael James.

Oregon Analysis Library
ChileDuck’s Updated Football Depth Chart
Oregon Highlight Videos
Music for Ducks’ Ears
History of Oregon Football
Men of Oregon: Players and Coaches
The BEST Recruit Talent Evaluations
The BEST of “The Duck”
The BEST of FishDuck.com Humor!
Oregon’s Amazing Uniforms
Savor the “Autzen Magic”
We Love to Hate our RIVALS

Click on the live links above and enjoy!

Current articles of Analysis, Editorials, Coach’s Opinion, and Talent Evaluation will continue with new articles every week on Mondays and Wednesdays (and sometimes Fridays) at FishDuck.com as before.

Mr. FishDuck has already put tens of thousands of dollars into the site (with nothing in return) and needs help to keep these 1,000+ articles (incredible!) available, to add to them over time, and to allow him to continue to write every week. We want to keep all of this on the site free to all Oregon fans, for a very long time.

Please donate to make this site a gift to all Oregon fans as a long term source of Oregon Football Information!

Could you send a gift of $100.00 of which is eight dollars a month or a cup of coffee a week. (Two dollars a week-cheap!)  

Amazing Moments Photography

Kiko Alonso and the Oregon Defense!

Please donate to FishDuck.com at the PayPal button below under the account of charles@fishduck.com and you can also donate using your credit card by clicking on the button below.  Thank you from all of us at FishDuck.com!

Want to send a check? Make it out to FishDuck.com and send to:

FishDuck.com, Charles Fischer
1500 Valley River Dr. Ste 315
Eugene, OR 97401

Our entire staff thanks you!