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I wanted to create something special for Oregon fans in The Oregon Football Repository, and in prior weeks we rolled out the incredible Oregon Analysis Library with 330+ analyses, moving then to Music for Ducks’ Ears, and then ChileDuck’s Updated Football Depth Chart.

An Oregon Football  site containing so much about our Beloved Ducks wouldn’t be complete without a section highlighting videos and articles written on this site about “The Duck” or as some call him “Puddles.” He’s a big part of our identity, of who we are as Oregon fans!

Over March, April and May–this site will introduce eleven new sections on the site, in addition to the two new current articles a week to come read and enjoy anytime. Later we will have all these sections available via a Drop-Down menu above on the tool bar.

The number of videos and articles to choose from concerning our beloved Duck is stunning, but these are my favorites in various categories; got a favorite that should be here? Send me the link and share with other Oregon fans!

The Best of “The Duck”

(Enjoy the 17 Articles and Videos: Go Fish-Get Hooked!)


–1. The Duck Speaks! An interview with Oregon’s Mightiest Mallard
Text and Video Article: March 26, 2012
Kurt Liedtke delivers a super article about our beloved Duck.


–2.  The Duck: Purveyor of Push-ups, Deacon of Dance Moves
Text and Video Article: 
March 12, 2012
Another tremendous update article from Kurt Liedtke that is without peer.

Kevin Cline

Puddles ponders the big questions…


–3.  Oregon Duck Vs. Houston Cougar
Published September 27, 2007
Funny and made famous by ESPN….


–4.  Oregon Duck Mascot Fight
Published January 1, 2008
An amusing TV segment on the Duck who did a fowl…


–5.  CFB on FOX: A day with the Duck
Published November 3, 2012
The Duck working at the Fox Studios!


–6.  Oregon Duck swaps heads with Lee Corso in advertisement for College GameDay
Published January 14, 2011
This commercial was a hoot, and a great part of Duck lore.


–7.  Oregon Duck Mascot on ESPN College GameDay
Published September 18, 2010
Wonderful feature that played on ESPN GameDay.


–8.  Corso Picks Ducks @ USC
Published October 30, 2010
Will Farrell was not pleased with Lee Corso’s pick of upcoming game…

Craig Harmon

Gavynn Harmon with the Duck.


–9.  Oregon Unknowns: Puddles Not Allowed in Autzen Stadium?
Text Article: 
December 21, 2012
Josh White reveals little known information about “The Duck.”


–10.  The Oregon Duck – Gangnam Style Parody
Published August 30, 2012
This is still pretty funny, and quite innovative.


–11.  Where did Puddles come from?
Text Article: 
July 10, 2013
Dean Davis gives us some background on the history of the Mascot and the creation of “The Duck.”


–12.  The Oregon Duck (Puddles) Picks Teams (On GameDay!)
Published September 6, 2014
This was a riot on the GameDay set and the Duck got away with quite a bit!


–13.  The Oregon Duck teaches a USC cheerleader how to Duckie
Published February 11, 2011
Kurt Liedtke grabbed this video that even ESPN later used a number of times.  That Duck can Dance!


–14.  The Duck does push-ups during the Rose Bowl after Oregon reaches 42 points vs. Wisconsin
Published January 3, 2012
Kurt Liedtke captures one of the signature acts of “The Duck” in not just doing push-ups, but so many!


–15.  Oregon Duck Mascot Win!
Published November 6, 2010
This is simply a riot as the Duck tries to catch a field goal by the Huskies. (Ducks won)

Kevin Cline

Puddles is still wondering why even the Huskies don’t love him!


–16. Meet Mandrake, the Oregon Ducks’ Mascot That Didn’t Fly
January 12, 2015
The Wall Street Journal made a high quality short video about our Duck and how Oregon laid an egg in the creation and abandonment of the infamous co-mascot “Mandrake.”


–17.  Puddles Takes out the Trash!
Published October 22, 2010
Puddles and the Students have a blast during a time-out.


Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon

Top Photo from Video

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