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Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly, Chico Duck, helps us all learn more football!

We are very fortunate on this site to have a writer/analyst who gives incredible hours of study to help us fans understand the talent level of our incoming recruits. Mike Kelly, Chico Duck, has created over 20 of these Talent Evaluations along with some editorial articles about Oregon Football Recruiting.

Mike is a Building Contractor in Chico, California who has spent a ton of spare time learning about the specific talents and techniques needed to excel as an NFL player. He applied this to NFL Draft evaluations, and later began to apply these in-depth assessments into the college game, in particular looking at recruits to see who had the talent to someday play at the next level.

He spends hours looking at film and reading reports, and gives us short video clips of the player and shows us what to watch for. Every three weeks he will have a new Talent Evaluation, so keeping checking in for them and this page will be up in the Drop-Down menu you’ll see by hovering your cursor over the Oregon Football Repository up on the toolbar of every page on the site.


THE BEST Oregon Recruit Talent Evaluations

(Do dive into all of Mike’s Recruit Talent Evaluations: Go Fish-Get Hooked!)

Again … to see all of Mike’s Recruit Talent Evaluations (several web pages) do click here.

Below are a few of my favorites and great examples of Mike’s extraordinary expertise shared with us….

Oregon Ducks Football: The Maturation of Tyler Shough
Text and Video Evaluation: April 4, 2018
This is an exceptional analysis because Mike gently teaches the reader what to look for and you actually see the progress of this young player and learn quite a bit about him.  The time it takes to create these!

Cyrus Habibi-Likio speed and game style have been reminiscent of Byron Marshall.


Oregon Ducks Football: The G.O.A.T. (at Linebacker) is Coming – Andrew Johnson
Text and Video Evaluation: 
January 31, 2018
Mike Kelly just gets me pumped about the potential of this player at a position of great need for the Ducks!


Oregon Football Has a New “Wrecking Ball,” Jordon Scott
Text and Video Talent Evaluation: 
Published April 13, 2017
While this was one of Mike Kelly’s earliest evaluations–it is one of my favorites as he called it–the importance of this player before he even stepped foot on campus in spring of 2017.

Again … to see all of Mike’s Recruit Talent Evaluations (several web pages) do click here.

Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon

Top Photo from Video

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