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A gift to all the fans of Oregon Football are 12 new sections to the site in the Oregon Football Repository, the biggest library of articles and videos of any Duck website. It has 1,000+ links to incredible opportunities for entertainment about our beloved Ducks, as well as learning more about football that is organized in an easy way to find things and best of all … for free.

The content of the Oregon Football Repository has come from articles published at over the years and from some other key Duck sites. The amount of information is quite impressive from all the articles written by hundreds of volunteer writers and edited by all the volunteer editors. These 12 sections will always be available up on the Toolbar of every page on!

What are the 12 Sections?

The Oregon Football Analysis Library

The link above has been used by coaches around the nation thousands of times already and by fans who want learn more football, in particular what Oregon has done under Chip Kelly and now will do under Mario Cristobal. There are over 335 Analyses there and information can change your enjoyment of Oregon Football!

Bill Ogden is a great Oregon fan…

ChileDuck’s Updated Football Depth Chart

If you want the best updated Oregon football Depth Chart complete with pictures–this is it. Bill Ogden is constantly updating it during the football season and in the spring. A real handy link you will find up in our Toolbar on every page!

Oregon Highlight Videos

Finding a video on YouTube can take longer than you want, and yet has over 380 videos from game highlights and player highlights (above) from over 140 years and is all in one easy organized place. Some of these videos took three searches deep and even found by accident, hence many that you will have never seen or known existed.

Music for Ducks’ Ears

Whether you want the Oregon Fight Song, or We Love our Ducks, the infamous Shout, or Matt Kearney’s Coming Home–it is cool to find all your favorites (above) in one place. Again, it will be up in the Toolbar on every page as all these sections will. Enjoy!

History of Oregon Football

The incredible research (above) done by so many writers on this site and others is astounding, and so many stories that you will enjoy from our beloved Ducks going all the way back to 1894. Did you know that a major mobster offered to pay an Oregon player to throw a game–and he wouldn’t? In fact he testified in court against one of the most powerful Mafia men of that era and lived to tell about it! Incredible stories…

Men of Oregon: Players and Coaches

There have been so many interesting interviews in articles and videos of our favorite players and coaches, and they are all in one place! (above) This is a real jewel as we found some extraordinary articles that have not been seen by many Duck fans…. We also extend it beyond football to some Track and Field, Basketball, and Womens Sports, with more coming over time. (Over 160 of these; all together in one place!)

Mike Kelly, Chico Duck, helps us all learn more football!

The Best Oregon Recruit Talent Evaluations

There isn’t anyone better at breaking down the talent of incoming recruits to Oregon like‘s Mike Kelly of Chico, California. (link above) He not only explains what the player is skilled at, but shows you with short ten second video clips and tells you what to look for and how to watch for it in future games at Autzen. He has made some darn accurate calls about future success of Oregon recruits…

The Best of “The Duck”

The antics of our Duck mascot, “Puddles” have been caught on video and now compiled (above) along with funny commercials and fights with other mascots. There are also some articles explaining aspects concerning the background of one of America’s favorite college mascots, and of course–Lee Corso provides some hoots with the Duck we love so much! Articles and videos you will LOL at as I did!

The BEST of Humor

We have been blessed to have a couple of humor writers on the site that have given me a ton of guffaws, as well as Saturday morning coffee blown out my nose when I was not ready for a killer-line. I list the top-20 (above) and I dare any loyal Duck fan to read a few and not come away with a couple of good belly laughs. A jewel!

Oregon’s Amazing Uniforms

We know of Oregon’s uniforms over time … or do we? Did you know the Ducks had a golden helmet one year similar to Notre Dame? Whoa! Some interesting articles and images about our unis and all in one place!

Charles Fischer

Savor the “Autzen Magic”

I was not aware of all the articles about Autzen with so many quotes that crack you up or surprise you. (above) You will also see some cool videos, and some facts about Autzen that few will ever know; a dandy!

We Love to Hate our RIVALS

We have had some epic articles written about our rivals and our games with them (above) along with the unknown and interesting stories, coupled with some humor that truly will make you laugh-out-loud in this section. A great resource going into a week against the meager Beavers or those bastard Huskies

Click on the live links above and enjoy!

Current articles of Analysis, Editorials, Coach’s Opinion, and Talent Evaluation will continue with new articles every week on Mondays and Wednesdays (and sometimes Fridays) at as before.

This Oregon Football Repository will always be in a state of growth as we find, organize and catalog more online articles in order to make it easier to find great reading about our Beloved Ducks.

This unique collection of hundreds of articles and videos has been needed by Oregon fans for years, and yet not available in any location. Pass along any article you think would fit, and if you can volunteer time to help me get this information up faster, (or can contribute to the costs-please do so below) and I hope you learn as much as I have from all these articles!

It is an amazing resource created by thousands of hours of work by writers, editors and video creators for the benefit of us all.

“Oh how we love to learn about our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon


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In mid-August of 2024, we will go back to the seven-days-a-week of articles during the football season as we did in the football season of 2023.

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