Five Candidates to Replace OC Marcus Arroyo

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First off, congratulations to Coach Marcus Arroyo on becoming the new head coach of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Rebels. Coach Arroyo has been an important contributor to Oregon’s resurgence, and his place among FBS head coaches has truly been earned. Whoever becomes the Oregon Ducks’ new offensive coordinator will undoubtedly benefit from the solid foundation that Coach Arroyo …

Oregon Keeps Defenses Guessing With Fake Screen Play

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If there’s one thing that this Oregon Ducks offense does better than any before, it’s the screen game. Not only has Coach Marcus Arroyo designed some very effective screen plays, but he also has an uncanny feel for calling them at just the right time. This kind of success leads to even more effective constraint plays. Multiple times this season, …

Oregon’s New Hybrid Toss Play

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Over the last few weeks, the Oregon Ducks have taken a huge step forward with their ground game. In the first four games of the season, the Ducks averaged 160 rushing yards per game. In the following four they’ve averaged 240 yards per game. During that recent stretch, Coach Marcus Arroyo has implemented a more robust set of run plays. …

The Oregon Offense: Arroyo’s Slot Outs Concept

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There are a lot of misconceptions about Oregon offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo’s passing game. Fans incorrectly label his strategies as “predictable” or “contrived,” when in reality, there’s a level of creativity to many of them. This week, let’s return to the offensive side of the ball and dispel the myths about Arroyo’s passing offense. Over the next handful of articles, I …

The New Oregon Defense: Quarters Coverage

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New Oregon Duck defensive coordinator Andy Avalos prefers that his defense stay multiple and mix up its coverages, but quarters coverage may be his most dependable scheme on the back end. Avalos plays quarters in a more aggressive fashion, allowing his corners to play closer to the line of scrimmage in order to jam receivers and knock them off their routes … Liberals and Conservatives: Where are we GOING?

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This article is about liberals and conservatives, but we won’t be discussing politics. Instead, we’ll be pondering all the different types of people that come to this site. We have readers in both political parties in varying degrees of intensity, as well as quite a cross-section of ages. I received a phone call from an 11-year-old in Brooklyn recently, and …