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Posting Rules at by Charles R. Fischer

Posting Rules:
“No insults, no belittling or personal criticisms; no name-calling, no sarcasm, no taunting and even a back-handed compliment will be deleted. Do it twice and you are blacklisted from ever commenting on a article again. We are the only Oregon site that insists upon civilized discussion; state your case as we welcome all opinions and discussions and want to learn from each other, but we must be polite to fellow Oregon fans.

If you are the kind of person that likes to “shake things up” by attacking and denigrating people, then this is not the site for you. If you are a reasoned individual who wants to discuss topics concerning Oregon Sports in a respectful, friendly and protected environment, then this is the perfect website for you. is a premium website and is not for everyone, and we don’t want to be. 

If your post was deleted, the questions to ask yourself is….are you trying to be judgmental of, or in an overt or even an oblique manner seeking to disparage those who have a different view than you? Or does your post seek to inhibit others from posting who disagree with you? If so—we don’t want it.

My Objective: I want all opinions safely expressed including the most extreme as everyone is protected. The more views shared along with the facts and reasoning-then the more subsequent discussions that occur, with that more learning for all readers. The end result is that we become more informed, reasoned and better Oregon fans. Decorum that is required and enforced encourages more posting by more people, and thus we all benefit!

A Green Paradise for Readers!

How frustrating is it to sift through the posts when there is a bunch of infantile back-and-forth arguing? You have to spend too much time sorting through the posts to see where the good content is, but not at! How refreshing it is to not have to sort through any of it!

Charles…what do you mean by my post “inhibiting” the posting of views by others? There are overt techniques for discouraging others from posting on a topic, such as obvious belittling, intimidation or taunting. (See explanation of taunting below) There are also very subtle or oblique ways to also inhibit others from posting their views on a topic such as sarcasm and the “straw-man” strategy. (See explanations of both below) All of these methods ultimately try to prevent others from posting a view different than yours and we will delete your posts that fall into these categories, as we want all opinions freely expressed.

THIS IS NOT AN EXPERIMENT:  While other sites are removing comments below articles, we are encouraging avid discussion and have been since the summer of 2017 when the rigid rules of this site began. It has proven to create a wonderful learning environment, and has grown to a point of where I know what I want for the site and the thousands that visit agree. Above and below are our rules and we are not bending them for you, thus I suggest you join our community and follow our rules, or go to the other sites where posters take obvious and oblique shots at each other every single day.

You don’t understand, FishDuck…I AM RIGHT! Yep, we all have (in the past) sought to show that our view is superior and then lord it over others later when events prove our theory or strategy correct. But the objective on this site is not to be right, but to have all ideas, theories and opinions freely offered by everyone. We are all going to be wrong on occasion and, again, the objective is to see all viewpoints, debate them fiercely, yet in a respectful way and ultimately become wiser fans as a result.

FishDuck….this is really hard! Yes, it is as I have sat down a number of times and was about to tell someone how dumb their opinion was on a topic, and had to pull away from the keyboard. It is extremely hard to follow our rules, and most cannot, but the rewards to everyone are massive when we do. Do not temper your passion, as we want spirited discussion because only through debate can we see which ideas stand up best to the heat of logic and rational thinking. We simply have to do it in a civil way where we attack someone’s ideas, but not him or her on a personal level.

Kevin Cline

We want you to stand up and shout your views!

C’mon Charles…are you Turning this into “Snowflake Central?”

I would rather think of it as becoming “Civilized Central” for Oregon fans. I have been on Oregon Football message boards for 22 years, and while all these other sites mean well and say they will clean things up–it never holds up.  Since summer of 2017 I have established a track record of removing all Trolls, and deleting every comment that violates our policy. I have blacklisted more Oregon fans than fans of our rivals!

As all views are allowed to be written and discussed, and you ponder the ones you vehemently disagree with–you may gradually have your views changed, or at minimum … more measured and reasonable with your conclusions. I know I have had my views changed by pondering the thoughts of others on this site.

I have learned the hard way that if I do not act on an improper comment immediately, then it will embolden others to do the same type of forbidden exchange. So if it appears that I’m overzealous or appearing to stomp on a comment immediately-it is because I don’t have any choice. If I let even one slide, then it snowballs in a negative way against all of us. And that is what the community wants me to preserve; a peaceful, civil, friendly and learning atmosphere with entertaining discourse about Our Beloved Ducks!

This means reading every comment and making a judgment about the behaviors behind the comment. Since I’ve been through the wars online–I have developed a good sense for it. It is a time-consuming, labor-intensive hassle that all on the staff hates, but it is my promise to everyone to keep this site safe on every discussion.

There is more negative on this site than other places-why? We are going to be critical of the coaches, and we will praise the coaches when deserved, but not as an obvious suck-up to the coaches as is true at other Oregon websites. To get good interviews and “inside information,” these other sites will often give the current coaches a pass, and as they have to be nice to their sources. The result is that you rarely will get any kind of critical analysis in both directions of what is going on with the football program and other sports at Oregon, other than at  Results and events in the football world are both positive and negative, and this is the only site to safely discuss both.

And what if the results are all positive FishDuck? How will you find negative then?

We had such a period at, and it was called 2014…and what we do then is study what the Ducks are doing correctly and thus become more informed fans so we can identify when good coaching (or not) is taking place in the future. The majority of current analysis articles and opinions expressed in posts are positive, but we have more negative than other places because it is the only site that truly allows all viewpoints. We have true diversity of opinion and independent thinkers here unlike other websites.

FishDuck….you simply can’t handle my opinions: Baloney. I want all extreme opinions here as it helps us see the spectrum of ideas and helps us modify our own views as a result. In fact, this is the only Duck website where you can safety share your extreme views on Oregon Sports. If there is a problem…it is with your behaviors, and not your extreme opinion. Be polite and courteous to others and you will have a tremendous experience on

Politics and Religion?  I do not allow even a hint of politics. Veering in that direction at all will cause a site meltdown in today’s acrimonious climate. We do not allow anything negative directed at any religion, toward anyone in the LGBT community, or toward any race, gender or ethnic group. All of us in the categories above are fellow Ducks, and we want to hear all viewpoints.

Trying to Sidestep the Rules with Sarcasm? Sarcasm is a form of belittling, of making fun of an individual or a group for their view on a topic. It inhibits people from posting their opinion and thus is forbidden on; we do not want any form of belittling or put-downs on because of differences of opinion, thus such denigrating sarcasm is not allowed on this site.

Straw-Man arguments are NOT allowed on… A recent example was when readers were posting their thoughts about improving the offense, and a different reader posted that, “you must not like winning 12 games.” He set up the straw-man of the season win-total to knock over, because he did not want to engage in the offensive production discussion. Another example was when a poster was being critical of the offense and was then being accused by another reader/poster as being a “disloyal” Duck fan or a “hater” of the head coach.

The topic was the under-performing offense, but the offenders were trying to make others defend themselves on completely different other topics, or in other words, the “straw-man.”  This conduct inhibits others later from posting about offensive performance out of fear of being mocked, accused of being disloyal or of being a hater of the coach. We will not allow “straw-man” arguments on this site as we want all opinions expressed freely.

Taunting Discourages Posting Comments…Taunting other readers or writers inhibits them from posting their opinion in the future because they think they’re going to be denigrated later if they’re wrong on a topic. We all are wrong at one time or another, so why would any of us post our thoughts on something if we’re going to get beat up for it later by an online bully? Thus taunting is not allowed, because the key is that we want everyone to post comments without having any downside to it, as that can create great educational discussions.

Commenting about the Players or Coaches? We let that happen as that is what message boards and forums are all about. Second-guessing coaches and judging player performance is what everyone does, but we must not get personal or nasty toward them. Questioning a play-call or whether a tackle should have been made (Performance-related) is fine, and give your thoughts as to why in one direction or the other.

Whether a coach should be retained or a player replaced is also fair-game because they know they are in the public sphere and that goes with the territory. Let’s discuss, but Ad Hominem attacks are forbidden.

This is bunk, FishDuck, as you don’t even have the NEWS! That is true, as I decided a long time ago what we are and are not; we are not a Sports News site, as we let all the other sites report the Oregon sports events of the day, and we bring in all those links (via the Daily FishWrap) and provide the only safe place to discuss all these events.

Our own articles focus on Analysis and Opinion-Editorial articles (Op-Eds) of which create more pondering and great discussion among this community. We are focused upon bringing the topics and news to you while providing the only Guaranteed Troll-Free Forum, the, Our Beloved Ducks Board.

Kevin Cline

So many different views, but a shared love of Our Beloved Ducks!

Guaranteed Troll-Free Posts and the “Our Beloved Ducks Board”

I cannot guarantee that there won’t be any offending comments posted from Trolls, but I can promise that we will act immediately to remove the comment that breaks our rules and to blacklist the Troll at the second offense. (I don’t need a third example to take action)

We all mess-up once in a while and get carried away, and when that happens with one of the Greybeard age “regulars,” I warn the offender and explain why we do not do that on this site. These good people usually quickly acknowledge their mistake, pledge to not do it again (and they don’t) and life goes on. Everyone sees the interaction and knows how I will not jeopardize the majority for anyone who rejects being civil with fellow Duck fans, but good people always get a second chance.

Nobody can skirt the rules, and not even my closest of friends, as the community and culture built is more important than any one person posting, no matter who they are.

The web has become a horrible place in some quarters, and I have been the recipient of noxious bile hurled by Trolls on other sites. Nobody will have to deal with a couple-dozen insults in a thread as I have, hence my sensitivity on behalf of others is fine-tuned. We are the refuge from the real-world … where we can drift into a fun world of talking about Our Beloved Ducks, and leave the nastiness of the web behind. It is our Safe Green Sanctuary

We had a stretch recently where we had nearly 3,000 comments and I did not have to delete a single one, and that never happens on the web. We had over 150 comments to an article recently, and everyone was courteous and respectful of one another, yet we had vigorous debate on a controversial subject. It was fun, it was great reading and it was an example of this unique community of Oregon fans at

Joshua Whitted

Associate Publisher Joshua Whitted also monitors the site carefully.

Some of those who post would not know it, but do drive me nuts at times. However we need their views here, as I don’t always agree with them, but believe in the importance of the balance of views being presented. I do not want this site to become what other websites have often descended to, where “GroupThink” prevails and you are ostracized if you do not partake in the majority view. (The GroupThink link has a fascinating article about the phenomenon, along with lively and informative discussion in the comments)

In fact on those other sites, the majority often do drink the Kool-Aid, and those who disagree are often shouted down. Not here. I want all opinions, especially those that disagree with mine. I have changed my views before on a topic due to information given by others in these comments that I had not thought of, thus I welcome all perspectives.

I want vigorous and civil debate, and only through such intense, but reasoned discourse do we see if an idea, or concept holds up. The vocal minority are an annoyance to some of the readers at times, but God Love Them, and all that agree with their minority views. Again … I have had my mind changed by the sage participants of this site.

There are some who feel that I, or the prevailing view on is negative, while I was told at another site that we/I are homers, and the articles here are Pollyanna and “Sunshine-Pumping.” Neither is true as we are all Oregon fans, but we will call it the way we believe and that is not always pleasant. There are many definitions to what being an Oregon fan is and we ponder it all here, and wish to have this site open to all definitions to participate.

We are a small community, and we welcome anyone who loves our Ducks and wants to be a part of the sanctuary this site has become.

As one friend told me as he watches me managing the site….“Charles, you’re like that entertaining juggler who starts with the balls, then goes to juggling knives, and then he turns the knives on fire, and, well, it is all fun for me to watch, but that’s not a position I would want to be in!”

It is a unique site that requires a unique commitment, so let’s welcome all opinions and invite everyone to join the fun. Let’s learn from each other!

Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)

Kevin Cline

She is not afraid to share her passion for Our Beloved Ducks!

Posting Policies for (FAQ)

Q: I had a post deleted and when I went to post again—I could not. What is going on?

A: The first time you write an objectionable post, we delete it.  The second time we Blacklist your IP address so that you cannot post again from that computer. If your first post is especially objectionable to the staff—we will Blacklist or ban you immediately. To appeal or explain, email:

Q: What is to prevent me from going to tons of computers and posting and over-running you?

A: We enjoy playing “Bop-a-Mole” and can delete and blacklist within 30 seconds of a comment being posted. If you want to play those games—no sweat, as it takes us a lot less effort than it will you. If you are a classy and nice person—you won’t have any problems on this site.

Q: Why was my post deleted?

A:  Here’s more detail on the most frequent reasons comments are removed:

  • Profanity: Particularly obscene or pornographic language (including attempts at disguising profanity with dashes or other symbols) and four letter “s” word is profanity.
  • A comment where it appears the poster is masquerading as another person.
  • Personal attacks and insults: Threatening, intimidating, libeling or defaming of any individual.
  • Also forbidden is name-calling of other people commenting or people who are subjects of the articles. Calling someone an “idiot” or “stupid,” or “dumb” will have the comment removed as we do not allow pejorative labels.
  • We remove even minor belittling of another; there is no need for it. State your case and let the information or the strength of your argument win the day—but trying to denigrate a fellow Duck fan for a difference of opinion is childish and we will remove it.
  • Posts with back-handed compliments are deleted. It is a form of belittling and is unnecessary on this site.
  • Hate speech: Language that degrades others — including public figures — on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical characteristics or disability.
  • Private information: Material that can be considered an invasion of privacy. This includes phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs or other specific personal information.
  • Solicitations of any kind.
  • Advertising or spam, including a comment that is posted repeatedly within one thread or across a number of different threads.
  • Copyright violations: No content from or any other source can be reproduced in its entirety. Instead, use a small and relevant excerpt and then provide a link to the full version.

Q: Who reviews the reported comments?
A: The Staff and Charles Fischer.

Q: Why are you censoring peoples’ opinions?
A: reserves the right to allow or disallow any kind of content that doesn’t meet its standards as outlined in this FAQ. The site is under no obligation to publish every comment or post it receives.

Q: What about my right to free speech?

A: The right to free speech described in the First Amendment concerns the relationship between the U.S. government and its citizens. Any private business can require certain standards of conduct. Generally, a post is removed not because of the idea it expresses, but because of the behavior associated with it by adding a personal attack, insult, hate speech or profanity. On this site you not only have the right to express your opinion, but we want all opinions as long as you do not overtly seek to denigrate anyone or, by implication try to inhibit others from posting their views.

Q: Why don’t you pre-screen all of the posts?
A: Our policy is to allow posts and comments to be published, as we don’t want to delay responses to superb conversations taking place on the site, but we will act quickly to delete offending posts.

Hints for Posting on

1. Disagreement is not a Problem, so Post Your Thoughts!

I love a good argument; a great debate flushes out the good ideas and by default calls attention to the poor ones. I never learned anything from everyone agreeing, thus we want disagreement on! I’ve been on Oregon football message boards since 1997 and I’ve watched a ton of disagreements; heck I’ve been the cause of some disagreements and learned (finally) to discuss the ideas, but don’t make it personal.

Disagreement that comes from the great minds in this community presenting viewpoints and perspectives I had not considered have changed my mind, and I am grateful for the friends and fellow Duck fans who presented their point of view in such a graceful way. So jump in and discuss it as the Duck Water is fine!

We welcome all kinds of fans at!

Kevin Cline

We welcome all kinds of fans at!

2.  Geez….use a Paragraph!

Want to know a secret about web behavior?  Readers don’t like long stretches of sentences with no breaks, and they don’t even like long paragraphs. Break it up! After every third sentence in your post…hit “enter” on your keyboard twice.

Create paragraphs and make it easier for us older fans to read, and thus you may change some minds. You may think it’s cool to not capitalize or punctuate, but readers will just ignore you.

3.  Be Unique…

They are unique!

Kevin Cline

They are unique!

If you’re coming back to bluster your banal utterances about the play-calling AGAIN…people check out quickly. If you are saying the same thing they’ve read a hundred times–they aren’t going to spend ten seconds reading yours. Add something new to the discussion! Some of the readers/posters bring in stats to prove their point, and do it in an intelligent way which goes a long way toward changing minds. We want all opinions, but if you do some online research–you may make your point that much more compelling.

4.  Negative “only” does not work…

You can be negative and yet teach others; you can be negative to talk about the potential of the team. Football, like life, is negative at times and we can’t ignore it, but we can learn from it and use the negative events to shape our goals and dreams for the Men of Oregon. We want the negative thoughts, but not exclusively.

Don’t dwell or obviously enjoy the negative quite so much. If you present it joyfully that way–you aren’t trying very hard.

This is a different audience here, primarily older professional men and women, (a percentage is young) hence this group of Oregon fans likes to enjoy what they are reading, and likes to ponder the Ducks, regardless of their gender or age. If you deal with the negative in a reasonable fashion–fine. If you try to use this site as a platform to spew your toxic bile….you will be deleted and banned.

Principal-Charles Fischer

From the Videos

Principal-Charles Fischer

5.  Be an Adult…

I put my name out there and anyone can reach me. (And they do!) Are you Mr. Macho hiding behind a phony handle who wouldn’t ever write your nonsense if people knew who you were?  Grow up, and do the childish stuff on all the other sites out there. I would much rather have fewer readers (who post) who are high-brow and thoughtful, than have thousands of Oregon fans who bluster epithets at everyone.

The readers of this site are special, and I insist you behave that way toward them. Articles on this site are read so frequently, that this site last year was again the Top 1% in the World for pages read per month, and our instructional videos have passed the 1.8 MILLION VIEW mark. These are coaches, players, and fans who want to learn a little and have a fun read in the process. Let’s make it better with great posts as well!

Charles Fischer     (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon

Top Picture is from Vikingstv Wiki,  from the series on the History Channel, “Vikings.”

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FishDuck….you are one WEIRD Dude.

I’ve heard that before. Often people do not like my contrarian view to some topics, but being a football critic is who I am.

I will call it as I see it whether positive or negative, and I will never create anything to simply generate a response; I believe in everything I write.

If we were all in agreement, then there are fewer opportunities to learn and I do love the debates we have in our protected environment.  More discussion creates more learning, which makes us all better fans.  Let’s make the most of it!