“Translated” DVDs! Local Sports Editor, FishDuck.com Writer, Makes an OREGON Movie!

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Announcements

You like to root for the good-guy, the local fellow who works hard, is honest and someone the community can count on, and in this example not only is Jerry Thompson that man, but he has also created a movie “Translated,” that features the state of Oregon and highlights Lane County. This is a fellow Duck fan that I ask you to support (Buy DVDs for Christmas presents!) as we learn a little about him and his movie.

Being a writer on this site over the years has been minor compared to his impact upon Duck fans and the Eugene/Cottage Grove communities he serves. He has been the Sports Editor for the newspapers in Cottage Grove, and Springfield, is the creator of the ongoing magazine, Ducks Illustrated, (available in Lane County) and has now made a full, feature-length movie filmed in Oregon and using an almost 100% cast from the state as well.

Jerry Thompson should be proud!

Support the film industry in Oregon, and our friend in the community and on this website; buy the movie DVD right here for Christmas-a perfect stocking stuffer!

The Thompson family, who lived in Cottage Grove, followed Duck football through thick and thin, and Jerry became a student manager for the Oregon football team in 1969 and 1970.  After earning a degree in television and film, Thompson decided in 1987 to bring the history of Oregon football to life via video in his Mighty Oregon set of DVDs.

Roar the praises of her warriors: All the hits, misses and hijinks of Oregon football history are in the “Mighty Oregon” DVD collection, a four-disc set. For the Mighty Oregon DVDs, (7 hours in length) Call Jerry at 541-221-3154 or email to ducksillustrated@ yahoo.com That also works if you wish to subscribe to Ducks Illustrated: 11 issues per year at $29.95 sent first class. Both of these also are perfect Christmas gifts to your fellow fan of our beloved Ducks.

Now I grant you that the movie is Christian-based and is telling a message of unity from a very unlikely source. The Apostle Paul is Translated 2000 years through time to present day Oregon, and in particular, Lane County. It makes for a very interesting “fish-out-of-water” theme, but it also makes you think about some subjects not related to religion. Everyone will find this movie inspiring and entertaining, and will stir some emotions within you.

Jerry Thompson recalls ”Rome-to-Rome” when creating this Oregon Movie…

“My first idea was that Paul would travel in time to Damascus, Oregon. He would be totally confused and would be seen as a poor, old homeless man dressed in a dirty robe. A young truck driver would pity him and take him to Eugene.

Oregon Womens Basketball Coach Kelly Graves is in the movie!

I drove up to Damascus and looked things over and thought this is going to be difficult to shoot because it’s a pretty busy area and would take a lot of expense and red tape to get it done. I came home and then thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was a Rome, Oregon? So, I googled it and to my amazement found there is a Rome, Oregon. It’s about 100 miles southeast of Burns and about 30 miles to the Idaho border. I also thought it would be like God’s sense of humor in this fictional tale to translate Paul in time and space from Rome, Italy to Rome, Oregon.”

The soundtrack features a pair of songs from Eugene native and artist/singer, Mat Kearney, including the Oregon sports anthem “Coming Home.” Seeing that ballad set to the incredible images of Oregon’s natural beauty made me forget all about our beloved Ducks for a moment to awe at the amazing scenery Jerry Thompson assembled in the movie.

This movie is truly a showpiece of the natural beauty of the state, and you will enjoy many familiar places we all have been in Oregon, while others, such as Rome Oregon are now on my travel list!

Again–lets support the Oregon Film Industry and a local movie producer who is truly one of us as a Duck fan, who has been on this site and is one of our own! Buy some Translated DVDs online right here for your family and friends.

Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon

Top Photo of Rick Dancer, actor Chris Green and Jerry Thompson from Video


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