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There is nothing better than Autzen Stadium

It has been noted that Autzen stadium is famous for its audience involvement, noise and home field barrier to visiting teams. The stadium is not large, although the fans are very close to the field, (No track running lanes in between) and the field is actually below the Willamette Valley water table. These factors contribute to the stunning impact from the volume of sound created in this stadium even though it is smaller than other ‘noise comparable’ stadiums throughout the nation.

According to some fans in the Pac-12, it was actually even louder prior to the last expansion because the noise reverberated all the way up the stadium and bounced back down to the field—the so-called “Autzen bounce.”

“The Autzen Bounce causes deafness in laboratory rats.”Dennis Dodd, CBSSportsline.

Oregon officials say that any future expansions will trap more noise, but that is doubtful since the original floor was concrete, while the current “field turf” has rubber particles that absorb shock and sound to a some degree. Nonetheless–it is still formidable for opponents now.

“Sitting in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Oregon’s Autzen Stadium is one of college football’s hidden jewels. Before kickoff, Autzen is as peaceful as the Willamette River, which runs through Eugene just a few minutes from the stadium. After kickoff, the fans – even the alumni – forget who they are, where they come from and what their degree is in.

The audience adopts a new collective identity for the next three-and-a-half hours: the 12th, 13th and 14th man. Autzen’s 59,000 strong make the Big House collectively sound like a pathetic whimper.”

“It’s louder than any place I’ve ever been, and that includes The Swamp at Florida, The Shoe in Columbus, and Death Valley at Louisiana State. Autzen Stadium is where great teams go to die.”
J. Brady McCullough, The Michigan Daily

Michigan coach Lloyd Carr later said that, “Autzen Stadium was the loudest stadium he’d ever been in.”

In 2006, a Sporting News columnist named Autzen “the most intimidating college football stadium in the nation.”

Lee Corso has the Duck Head on!

Lee Corso of ESPN College GameDay frequently says, “Per person Autzen Stadium is the loudest stadium that I have ever been in my entire life!”

Longtime ABC sportscaster Keith Jackson once called Autzen “Per square yard, the loudest stadium in the history of the planet.”

Jahvid Best, a former starting running back for the Detroit Lions, visited Autzen while playing for the California Golden Bears in 2007. He later said,

“The biggest thing I remember about that game is the crowd. The crowd noise is crazy up there. Honestly, any other away game I don’t really even hear the crowd. Oregon was the only place where it really got on my nerves.”

Savor the “Autzen Magic” by reading the articles and watching the videos of our incredible home-field advantage in Autzen Stadium! Do scroll down and read more quotes….

Autzen Magic

(19 Articles and Videos to Enjoy: Go Fish-Get Hooked!)

–1.  This is Autzen Stadium
March 23, 2014
This is a FANTASTIC short video about Autzen Stadium and the experience by OregonGridiron, and if you have a little mist in your eye by the end–I understand. What memories and such a stadium!


–2.  Autzen Stadium – Oregon Ducks
Text Article: 
November 12, 2017
Aaron Terry of Stadium Journey gives his analysis of the game experience at Autzen stadium compared to other venues nationally.

“They’re going to be loud from the first snap until the last snap. They are right on top of you and they’re just relentless.”Barry Alvarez, Former Wisconsin Head Coach

Kickoff at Autzen!

–3.  Autzen: What Might Have Been
Text Article: 
Publish date unknown.
Benzduck gives us an amazing “what-if?” about Autzen stadium that few know about….


–4.  Oregon’s Autzen Stadium so Loud Employees must sign Waiver
Text Article: 
October 2, 2014
Sports Illustrated gives us a short article that is not something you believe–unless it was verified by the University of Oregon as SI did!

“It was like some sort of crazy torture in the movies. How do people do that so long without taking a breath? I think my ears are still ringing.” Adrian Peterson – Oklahoma Running Back


–5.  The True Autzen Stadium Feeling
October 1, 2010
Oregon Gridiron shares the experience of a special game for a fan at Autzen.

While his silly antics make him a fan favorite, his ability to do hundreds of push-ups on game day helps make the Ducks special.


–6.  Autzen’s New North Berm (You Gotta See This)
September 16, 2013
GoDucksdotcom explain some important new amenities to Autzen and how fans would want to know about them in advance. (Some cool new items)


–7.  The Autzen Stadium Experience
Text Article: 
November 1, 2016
A Beaver fan, 

“If you’ve never been to a game at Autzen Stadium do yourself a favor and get there soon. One word for the experience. Loud. Hurt your ears loud. Make them bleed loud. The Big Ten has nothing as loud as Autzen.”


–8. “Shout” at Autzen Stadium
November 23, 2014
Cole Kundich shares the fun of an entire stadium singing along to “SHOUT!”


–9.  ASU Quarterback Challenges the Autzen Stadium Crowd to get Louder?
March 24, 2012
Kurt Liedtke captures a Fox Sports telecast of an insane set of plays at Autzen where the opposing QB taunted the Autzen crowd–with poor results. I was there and recall the noise being incredible, and it is fun to see players in this video that are special, such as Rashad Bauman, Justin Wilcox, Michael Fletcher and Garret Sabol.

“It’s very tough. The crowd there is unbelievably educated on when to be loud and when to calm down when they have the ball. It’s just a very tough environment with the noise and just trying to communicate.” – Jeff Tedford, Former Cal Head Coach

What could be better than Autzen in the fall?

–10.  A Little “Autzen Magic” Ducks vs Trojans 2009
November 5, 2009
The noise at the Halloween game with USC was simply amazing and recorded on a fan’s cell phone to hear to believe.

“Autzen is non-stop, eardrum-rattling, jet-engine level, false-start causing noise.” Jon Wilner – San Jose Mercury News


–11.  Kurt Liedtke: Before Autzen
December 30, 2013
Kurt Liedtke gives us some history about Autzen while providing amazing footage and entertainment.


–12.  How Bill Byrne tried to cover Oregon’s asset
Text Article:  
Publish date unknown.
This is an amazing fact about Autzen that only the true Greybeards of Oregon fans would know; another amazing article by Benzduck!


–13.  The Autzen Student Fan Experience
October 9, 2015
GoDucksdotcom gives us great video (short) about the student experience and fun at an Oregon game.


–14.  Ducks bring the noise at Autzen Stadium
Text Article: 
October 28, 2009
Ivan Maisel formerly of ESPN writes about what makes Autzen special, and it is a lot.

“You can hear a pin drop when their offense is on the field, and when our offense is out there, it’s like being in a thunderstorm.” – Thomas DeCloud, Cal Safety

There is nothing like Autzen at night…

–15.  13 Things All Oregon Football Fans Know To Be True
Text Article: 
September 5, 2017
Elizabeth Rutledge writes and shows us what is fun about going to a game at Autzen.


–16.  Visiting Fan Experience at Autzen – Tennessee Perspective
September 18, 2013
Vol fans were wonderful to us in Knoxville, and they offer their perspective of Oregon fans for all visiting fans to consider when coming to Autzen. (Husky fans exempted)


–17.  A Home Away From Home for Duck Fans: A Brief History of Autzen Stadium
Text Article: 
Published January 31, 2013
Joey Holland of gives us interesting background information about the Autzen Stadium we all love.


–18.  Trip Adviser: All you Need to Know to Travel to Autzen Stadium
A ton of information and reviews for the traveler to Eugene, Oregon for an Oregon Game.


–19. Autzen Stadium: The Embodiment of Oregon
Text Article
published October 18, 2020
Zeke Lerner-Wood gives us an inside feel as a student approaching Autzen Stadium.


“Trust me on Autzen. Just go to the place and soak it all in. Before they throw dirt on you, take a trip to Eugene one fall Saturday … Autzen Stadium is a zoo; there’s no other way to say it. Get inside your own 20 in a tight game, and you can forget about A.) hearing; B.) avoiding false starts and C.) success.”Matt Hayes, SportingNews.

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