Music for Ducks’ Ears…

My friends … one of the upgrades for this site will be this page featuring the best of Duck Music created over the years by many artists for us devoted Oregon fans. Rather than wait and post it–I am rolling it out now for readers to see.  (It will be in the Drop-Down Menu up in the tool-bar later) I will be introducing a new section to the site every Friday over the next two months in addition to this new page, and the recently unveiled, Analysis Library.

There is quite a bit of Oregon music out there in all forms and different versions, but I narrowed it down to my favorites and if you have suggestions–send them to me.

I have all the major favorites, but if you have not watched the video above–take a minute as you will be spellbound at the vocals and the choreographing by these young men as University of Oregon’s Capella Ensemble, On the Rocks. They are simply amazing and have a wonderful YouTube channel of their own.

Now let’s get to the music that Oregon fans love…

Music for Ducks’ Ears…

(13 Memorable Music Videos, Go Fish! Get Hooked!)


–1.  “Mighty Oregon” – University of Oregon Fight Song with Lyrics
Published September 26, 2013
We must start with the basics!


–2.  Shout – University of Oregon
Published December 6, 2016
All your favorite players are in it–Marcus Mariota, Dan Fouts, Joey Harrington, and the list goes on.

From Video

Matt Kearney touches our hearts…


–3.  Mat Kearney – Coming Home (Oregon)
Published September 5, 2014
This tugs at the heartstrings and like “Shout” above–will always be a part of the Autzen experience.


–4.  1994 in Review – GANG GREEN in the Backfield.. by Jon Doll
Published July 24, 2010
This was one of the first to inspire musicians to give tribute to our beloved Ducks!


–5.  I Love My Ducks! (I Smell Roses) GO DUCKS! GO DUCKS
Published December 7, 2009
Supwitchugirl created a mega-hit that we all still love.


–6.  I Love My Ducks (Return of the Quack) – Supwitchugirl
Published September 30, 2010
This was the follow-up the next year that was great fun with the Oregon cheerleaders.


–7.  I Love My Ducks (Civil War Version)
Published December 4, 2009
This is cool in that it has game footage set to the music.

Kevin Cline

XILE is simply superb…


–8.  The Oregon Duck – Gangnam Style Parody
Published August 30, 2012
This is still pretty funny, and quite innovative


–9.  O TIME – Oregon Ducks Song – XILE
Published August 3, 2011
This came out when began, and has many Oregon stars in it.


–10.  Gotta Get It – Oregon Ducks Song – XILE
Published August 2, 2012
TONS of Oregon stars in this catchy tune that epitomized our hopes at that time…


–11.  Green And Yellow (Oregon Duck Mix!)
Published March 6, 2011
Oregongridiron put this out set to game footage.

From Video

Nobody celebrates Oregon like “On the Rocks!”


–12.  On the Rocks – Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
Published June 9, 2010
This is the video at the top of this article is this link, and it was a world-wide sensation being viewed over six million times!


–13.  Call Me a Duck
Published December 17, 2010
Another inspiring piece that will make you smile…


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