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This Oregon Highlight Videos section is one of 12 new sections of the incredible 1,000+ piece Oregon Football Repository that can be found up on the Toolbar. It has been a blast to find all these articles and videos, and my hope is that these new sections will be a great place to retreat to when you want a break from “real-life” and wish the pleasant diversion of reading about our Beloved Ducks.

(I need help with loading more videos and if you can spare a few hours a week for awhile)  charles@fishduck.com

Bobby Moore 1972

Oregon Highlight Videos

It is amazing in all that is here and assembled for the Oregon fan with a total of over 380 videos made available in an easy way to find ways to learn and be entertained through all the links provided. We are indebted to all the fans and writers who contributed so much of their time so that we might be able to enjoy their work for free. Part of my gift to Oregon fans is assembling it and continuing to make it available without charge and have it as a long term resource for all Duck fans.

Over the last three months–I’ve been publicly thanking so many people who created the 1,000+ articles and videos featured in the Oregon Football Repository, and we have one more to add to the list. You know him from his YouTube creations over the years as his handle there is MadMike1951, although I know him also as Mike Wines.

He has made hundreds of videos that you will find the links to in our new section of Oregon Highlight Videos, and the time taken to create them for all of us boggles the mind. Know that the Pac-12 stopped him from producing more (as they did me) and he has not received revenue from his YouTube site either? The ads you see when you play one his videos? The money goes to the Pac-12….

Mike Wines, “MadMike1951” of Oregon Football Videos.

He has truly provided us all with an incredible labor of love.

Yet he has a bigger impact on me, as like many of my generation–I am not great with technology, and need hands-on help in the beginning to use many of tech tools and software that helped me to create my instructional videos as well as capture, crop and publish the pictures you see on the pages of FishDuck.com.

It is due to Mike.

You see….I am known as the Shameless Beggar in how often I ask for help from others, and I really needed help in the beginning. Mike is a golf fan and actually took time away from the Masters Tournament on television to come over to my office and show me how to use a program that is the basis of all my creation of pictures and videos in articles.

I was pretty intimidated by the software, but he talked me through it, and stood behind me and had me learn by doing, as he coached me on the major aspects of what this software could do. Every writer and editor on FishDuck.com uses this software now, and it all began on that spring day in 2011. Mike took the time that nobody else would and we all benefited from it.

Thank you again for that Mike, and for the hundreds of hours given to create your videos.

Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon

Top Photo from Video

(I need help with adding more classic videos about Oregon Players to the section if you can spare a few hours a week for awhile; do your part as Mike and so many others have!)  charles@fishduck.com

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