is Going Negative on Oregon?

We are making a major editorial shift at for the first time in our four-and-a half-year history, as we are going to allow negative articles to be published on the site. This is a movement that is certainly out of my comfort zone, as my attitude has always been that there are enough good things to write about concerning our beloved Ducks, and we’ll let the other sites make their bones covering the negative.

Then the 2015 season came along and challenged the validity of that precept.

There were too many things happening on the defensive side of the ball that were too glaring and obvious to ignore. Thus, by turning our head the other direction, we lost some credibility as a site due to our Pollyanna only policy.

“You aren’t telling it as it is, Charles, if you ignore all the negative. You are not giving the reader the full analytical landscape by being focused only on positive aspects occurring.”

When there were severe negative reasons for games lost, the site was hamstrung in not being able to report them.

This site was guilty of publishing negative articles about other schools in the early days of our formation, as we trolled for “clicks.” We changed as we gradually learned about our readers, what they wanted and what we wished to present to the public. Thus we made a significant departure from the “clickbait” for the majority of our history, even using John Canzano as an example of what “not” to do.

John Canzano: not always Oregon's friend.

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John Canzano: Not always Oregon’s friend.

Canzano has a track record of writing positive and negative articles about University of Oregon sports, and his negative opinions have often made little sense to readers, other than simply trying to produce click-bait. He has written a number of articles critical of Oregon head basketball coach Dana Altman and refuses to back off his assertions. The articles below are examples:

Every Day Oregon Stands with Dana Altman is another step into the Muck  (January 8, 2015)

Canzano: Still not buying Dana Altman as Oregon Ducks Coach (July 21, 2015)

He writes this despite the recruiting miracles performed by Altman’s staff – an 85 percent win percentage at MKA during his tenure and one of the finest six-year runs of Oregon basketball by any coach ever. Altman has won more than 70 percent of his total games at Oregon and is widely respected across the country, and yet for guys like Canzano – that just puts a target on Altman’s back that ultimately brings attention back to the author.

We don’t want to go that far in our occasional negative commentary.

A good example of how we will cover it is the statement recently by principal Steve Summers of, (Scout) a site I’ve been a part of and enjoyed for 19-20 years.

“While we’ve questioned the Oregon coaching staff, we have never called for Mark Helfrich or any other coach (for that matter) to be fired. [Yet] is not the Oregon Rally Squad; we are not trying to ‘get’ the Oregon Athletic Department, but when things are obviously questionable – we’ll ask.”

This writer went too far being critical of a coach...

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This writer went too far being critical of a coach …

Amen, Steve - as that is a reasonable way to approach it. I completely agree and will follow your lead.

The key will be in the presentation of the negative; aspects of the team that are not endearing can be offered in the vein of “how we can improve,” “what we need to work on,” or “what us fans need to watch for” in the team that signifies progression in the correct direction. We all know well that you can take the same weakness and beat the team/coaches over the head, or point it out as a learning tool for fans.

I would like to call our entry of new editorials as nuanced negative, where we cover the negative occurring, but do not pull a Canzano in the process. It will never be to draw attention to the site, and the writer will be sincere with his/her feelings about the subject.

Why would I implement this when the football season has passed and the Ducks will most likely will be showing improvement next year?

There were writers who did not fit with the prior philosophy, and I would like to read their thoughts and believe Oregon fans would find them intriguing, as well. I also learned that a number of people will agree with the negative article, and thus it will give them a voice and generate interesting discussion in the comments. If we do it right – going a little negative could be a big positive for the readers of, as it could continue our tradition of learning and appreciating the superb plays so much more.

Many of you read The Oregonian’s sports articles ( as they are well-done, yet most Oregon fans condemn the articles there from Canzano on a regular basis. You don’t look at OregonLive as constantly promoting negative about University of Oregon. You simply see the percentage of Canzano articles that are negative, and you credit him as being the negative one, not OregonLive as an entire site.

When has some nuanced-negatives about our beloved Ducks, I would hope you would cut us the same slack as you do, say, OregonLive.

So what is the deal about Are you dormant or alive? Plans?

I announced moving the site off a permanent writing schedule and on to a “dormant” state in December, but some significant things have happened in the background since then. We will be back, but under new management – part of a much bigger entity, and positioned to potentially be much, much bigger than our height before.

Calm on the surface...

James DeMers

Calm on the surface …

(Our last full month of operation had our number of daily visits putting us in the top 1% of the sites in the world among all active sites.)

One huge improvement will be for me to get out of the day-to-day management of the site and focus on writing more editorial and analysis articles, so that as Oregon fans we are fed in our hunger to learn more about our beloved Ducks, and hence enjoy the games that much more.

I also look forward to heavily expanding the new article series of Coach’s Comments, as they can give us so much more perspective than the typical fan’s opinion.

The negative is that we are undergoing massive change, and the new beginning will not be for a few months yet. At worst, we will be a new-look site ready in time for football season, with the probable start-up time sometime this summer.

We are the classic Wood Duck cruising away gently on the surface, but paddling away madly beneath.

— Charles Fischer (Principal),

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Charles Fischer

Charles Fischer

Charles Fischer has been an intense fan of the Ducks for thirty years and has written reports on football boards for over a dozen years. Known as “FishDuck” on those boards, he is acknowledged for providing intense detail in his scrimmage reports and in his Xs and Os play analyses. He and his wife Lois, a daughter, Christine, and their dog (Abbie) reside in Eugene, Oregon, where he has been a financial advisor for 30 years serving clients in seven different states. He does not profess to be a coach or analyst, but simply a “hack” that enjoys sharing what he has learned and invites others to correct or add to this body of Oregon Football! See More...

  • oregonize

    This is great to hear! As the type of Ducks fan who checks the internet daily for articles written about our sports teams (admittedly mainly football and basketball) I have to say that I really appreciate and enjoy the work the Fishduck team does on a regular basis. I usually do a general google search for Oregon Ducks football or basketball news to check for national or state coverage and then I check Fishduck. Being such a fan, I was surprised and disappointed to hear that Fishduck might not be continuing on (or at least not in the same comprehensive capacity) and i’m delighted to hear that, while things are changing a bit, I will still be able to look to your team for the constant Ducks sports news I crave. While I’ve loved your overwhelmingly positive articles that i’ve had the pleasure of reading over the years, I think your acknowledgment of the fact that responsible, constructive criticism is an equally important part of trustworthy and effective sports journalism, is accurate and necessary. I look forward to your future and to reading your articles for years to come! Thank you again and GO DUCKS!

  • Notalot

    Great news Fish. You are a high percentage hitter and I was sad to hear that you were stepping back. The site truly was losing credibility with me in light of the coaching debalacles. So now, the train’s back on the track. Hurray! Surely, the best is yet to come.

  • Dennis Schwartz

    U know! Represent! #TRUTH


    I cannot stand CLOWNZANO period. Hate his articles as if he’s some saint that never sin’s. You know throw the 1st stone type. He is wrong about Altman and Oregon is blessed to have this Man as possibly one of the best Coach’s in College BB period. He is starting to bring the studs in to Eugene and If I’m Rob Mullins and Mr Knight they should think of paying this Man a whole lot of Bling to keep him here until he retires. Heard a lot of stories of midwest schools more than likely coming hard after him soon. So I can take negativity about our Ducks if it makes sense like how bad of a hire DP was for DC. How Oregon needs to quit pussy footing around and win the NATTY or we will hear all the NEGATIVITY we already hear now days. OH yeah what in the world did Dana have to do with those 3 Nuckle heads and their decisions anyways. It’s not like he’s Jim Harbaugh and can sleep over at his players houses all the time.

  • Mike Green

    I read Canzano as entertainment – he has an ability to put drama into paint drying in the sun

    And, of course, it always feels sweater when Ducks play well after reading one of JC’s putdowns