Move the Goalpost: Who Changed Your Opinion Most?

Ryan Robertson Editorials

So many of the “Greybeard” Oregon fans on the Our Beloved Forum recall the days in the 1970s, when both Oregon and Oregon State were equally bad. I was chatting with Mr. FishDuck and pulled him from his fun at sports betting online to ask him who, among our many coaches, changed his opinion most about the direction of the …

Bo Nix - Denver Broncos Football - Oregon Ducks Football - in Eugene, OR

Oregon Ducks Football: Biggest Offseason Ever?

Alex Heining Editorials

The offseason is a treacherous time for college football programs all over the country, and our Oregon Ducks football program doesn’t get any special treatment in 2024. They faced losing the biggest pieces of their offense to the NFL, had crucial losses to review from this past year, and boatloads of new talent to impress with the culture and program’s …

Ducks Rocking the Transfer Portal

Darren Perkins Editorials

Per, after finishing sixth in the nation for the 2024 recruiting cycle, the Ducks are sitting eighth in the 2024 transfer portal rankings. Oregon has brought in some top talent at key positions. Seven players have been added to the roster: quarterbacks Dillon Gabriel (Oklahoma) and Dante Moore (UCLA), receiver Evan Stewart (Texas A&M), defensive tackles Derrick Harmon (Michigan State) and Jamaree Caldwell …

Can Coach Tosh Lupoi Fix His Weakest Link?

Duckster Editorials

The hallmark of any great defense is strength up the middle. Conversely, (As Charles eluded to in a recent post on our forum) it remains a  long-term weakness at Oregon. This topic is especially pertinent considering Oregon’s portal activity, and Mr. FishDuck took time from his study of Washington Commanders NFL Lines and NFL Odds to chime in his thoughts …

Does the University of Oregon Have an Equestrian Team?

OregonReigns Editorials

As the equine industry grows, we are seeing many universities offering Equine programs where students can learn more about the different disciplines that involve horses. We’ve been around horses for thousands of years, and during this time our interaction with these beloved animals has grown stronger and stronger. We might not use horses for transportation anymore, but the equine industry …

Oregon Ducks Football - in Eugene, OR - Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks Football: Biggest Position of Need

Alex Heining Editorials

For our Oregon Ducks football program, we have a ton of players on this roster to be excited about entering the season. A Nix-less, star-studded offense will spring out to surround Dillon Gabriel, and they should translate almost immediately to success in the Big Ten. Traeshon Holden and Tez Johnson will surely lead this group, with Evan Stewart working in as the …

A Big Opportunity for Kenny Dillingham

Darren Perkins Editorials

In commemoration of 4/20 this past Saturday, today we take four big-time hits, man: Kenny at ASU We tend to pull for former Ducks whether they are players or coaches. With that, and the fact that I have had many fun (i.e. effing crazy) nights on Mill Street in Tempe, I am pulling for Kenny Dillingham to succeed at Arizona State. …

Bucky Irving - Oregon Ducks Football - in Eugene, OR

Oregon Ducks Football: Ducks in the Draft

Alex Heining Editorials

With the NFL Draft fast approaching this week, it’s a really exciting time for our Ducks of the future to see players translate to the next level. We saw six Ducks get their name called and several more work their way onto rosters through the 2023 season, could we see six more Ducks in 2024? Who Goes in the First …