Imagining a new 16-Conference FBS “SUPER-DIVISION” for College Football!

Imagining an FBS “Super-Division” & Conference Play Football Realities – Format Didn’t legendary Coach Lou Holtz say something like “In college football you play with a different team every week?” That’s a reality of the game that Coach Holtz understood well. Introduced in this article, the “Irresistibly Delicious” 64-Team College Football Playoff system keys in […]

Fantasizing a College Football “Super-Division” and “Irresistibly Delicious” 64-Team Playoff System!

Millions now play Fantasy Football. Let’s play our own version and “fantasize” a college football Super-Division with a true 64-team National Playoff. It could be “Irresistibly Delicious“! And also solve a number of problems with the current D-I football playoff system. I began by brainstorming. I first learned about “brainstorming” […]

From Slick Willie to Super Mario, Oregon’s Recruiting Rolls On

There really wasn’t anything about Willie Taggart that I was going to miss when he decided to head back to Florida. His game planning was pedestrian, his in-game coaching was sub-par, his media persona was “car salesman-esque,” and his running of Justin Herbert up the gut as if he were Jerome Bettis was utterly mind-boggling.   These things ultimately cost the Ducks […]