Meet Mr. FishDuck

Charles R. Fischer of US Charitable Planned Giving Group and founder of FishDuck

Charles Fischer has been an intense football fan of the Oregon Ducks, a season ticket holder for over 37 years, and has written reports about the football team on numerous internet football boards/blogs for over 24 years. Known as “Mr. FishDuck” on those boards, he is acknowledged for providing intense detail in his scrimmage reports and in his Xs and Os play analyses. He has personally created over 600 articles over the last dozen years, with over 100 analysis breakdowns, and over 500 Opinion-Editorial articles.

He began the site, 12 years ago that has published over 6,000 articles and analyses about Oregon football, and now has a second site, the Our Beloved Ducks forum, where Oregon fans can read the daily news about Oregon football, see the Oregon Athletics press releases and discuss it all in civility unlike anywhere on the web. His promise to the visitors of the forum-with-decorum are discussions where No-Trolls-Are-Allowed, and the result is a very special community among Oregon fans who post about all things Ducks and enjoy learning from each other.

In over a decade the two sites have accomplished some amazing achievements in a quest to serve Oregon football fans, and you can check through the bullet-point summary on this page.  Some are hard to believe, but actually did happen, and to this day Mr. FishDuck has over 15 volunteers helping to keep these sites free of charge.

Learn about Charitable Planned Giving!

Fischer has been a Financial Advisor for 38 years who now focuses full-time on workshops presented to churches and charities showing retired people how to leave Charitable Planned Gifts for their favorite organizations. He has set up millions of dollars in Charitable Planned Gifts for Non-Profits by using strategies with a donor’s investments, insurance vehicles, or IRAs which frequently are much more effective and simpler than the usual approach of a bequest through a will/trust, charitable gift annuities or charitable trusts.

Those who are retired can use new Charitable Planned Giving Strategies that improve their finances in retirement, while setting up future gifts that benefit generations to come.

Charles has created a team of firms that create, implement, monitor and service Charitable Planned Gifts through the US Charitable Planned Giving Group and he is aligned with AFG Brokerage. He has also added a second workshop for churches helping Christians learn how to complete an Advance Directive correctly (which deals with End-of-Life Decisions) while staying true to their faith.

He has been active in Church Leadership over the years as he served on Finance Committees, Administrative Councils, Parish Councils, and as Director of Development for over a dozen years. He has had experience running Stewardship Campaigns, Capital Campaigns for Building Projects, as well as setting up Planned Gifts for churches and other charities. He also led two groups in forming Foundations to support those churches, thus he has had extensive familiarity in dealing with the Church/Charity Finance issues that we all contend with.

He is divorced with one daughter Christine, and resides in Eugene, Oregon. Between his many workshops each year for charities, and staying well versed in his interest of College Football with FishDuck—Charles maintains a full schedule.

Would you like to learn more about Charitable Planned Giving for Our Beloved Ducks and your other favorite charities?


Workshops Presented to Churches and Charities:

St. Vincent de Paul, Eugene, Oregon
Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church, Sunnyvale, California
Los Altos United Methodist Church, Los Altos, California
Rivera Baptist Church, Eugene, Oregon
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Eugene, Oregon
St. Mary Catholic Church, Eugene, Oregon

Above are just a few examples of all the churches and non-profits Charles has worked with in three states over 20 years.

Charles Fischer presenting one of his many workshops.