Register-Guard to sue UO after district attorney denies appeal requesting records from sexual assault case

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The Lane County District Attorney rejected two newspapers’ appeal for the University of Oregon to disclose public records from the sexual assault case involving three former Oregon men’s basketball players: Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis and Brandon Austin. One newspaper, The Register-Guard, will sue the UO in Lane County Circuit Court as a result. “The rejection of our appeal […]

NFL goal helps Oregon tight end Pharaoh Brown push past tragedies

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When Pharaoh Brown called his mother on graduation day, he sounded calm. Jeannetta Smith assumed her son was pulling another prank, but this one angered her. “This is not how you play,” Smith said. Brown wasn’t joking. His friend, Fred Zuber, had drowned hours earlier. He sounded calm because he was in shock. Brown, Zuber and three […]

No Trap Games on the Ducks 2013 Sked

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Kevin Cline One of the biggest fears any fanbase has going into a season is losing to an inferior opponent.  These losses aren’t just unexpected, they’re completely contrary to what fans expect, making them absolutely devastating to the fans of the favored team.  There’s a reason they’re called “upsets.” Luckily for Ducks fans, the past four seasons have basically been …

Oregon’s Toughest Task: Replacing Alonso and Clay

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Craig Strobeck Oregon takes on Nicholls State just two days from now, so it’s a perfect time to preview the game.  I will discuss some key matchups and . . . Oregon scores two touchdowns in 34 seconds! Wait a second, the game isn’t until Satu . . . Nicholls State – down 91-0 – tries to take a knee but …

Revisiting the odd, yet brilliant, career of Darron Thomas

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from Video The last few years of Darron Thomas’ football career have been remarkably strange for someone who was an elite college quarterback.  In fact, those three words – “elite college quarterback” – can be thrown into the pile of Thomas weirdness because there are some people who do not think the former Oregon quarterback was all that great. The …

The Freakish Boseko Lokombo is Ready to Dominate

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Rob Moseley knows a beast when he sees one. Moseley, the new editor-in-chief of, has been covering Oregon football for more than a decade, so he’s personally seen some of the best players in Ducks history. This month, Moseley has been writing daily (sometimes twice-daily) reports from each of Oregon’s closed fall practices. Anyone reading them will notice a …

Oregon Will Beat Stanford This Season

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The Oregon-Stanford game this upcoming season will surely be one of the best games of the year between two of the best teams in the country. An early prediction: the Ducks will win. Now, there are a million reasons why this result might happen. Maybe Stanford suffers a bunch of costly injuries leading up to the game. Maybe Oregon will …

Another Amazing Oregon Feat: Avoiding Injuries

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Kevin Cline The Ducks haven’t made four straight BCS bowl games by accident. When a team has elite talent and a transcendent offensive system, it’s gonna win games. Yet Oregon, like every good team, has benefited from some tremendous good fortune. Since 2009, Oregon experienced a major injury less times than their punters have stepped onto the field. Given the …

Huff Doesn’t Need Hype To Be Dangerous

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The names of the top Oregon offensive players since 2010 are easy for even casual Ducks fans to rattle off: James, Barner, Mariota, De’Anthony, Darron Thomas, Maehl, Tuinei, Paulson, Lyerla. Others can certainly be put on that list, but those nine are probably the most recognizable. Receiver Josh Huff doesn’t get quite as much hype as those guys, and while …

Will the Ducks Live or Die by the Three-Point Shot?

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Like many college basketball teams, the Ducks relied heavily on three-point shots last season. They weren’t the most prolific team from deep range, but they weren’t a relentless rim-attacking team either. The stats back this up. In their 28 wins from the 2012-13 season, Oregon shot 36.7% from three-point land. In their 9 losses, 26%. This isn’t exactly revelatory, as …

Can De’Anthony Thomas Survive As the Every-Down Back?

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De’Anthony Thomas almost went to USC, but he eventually chose Oregon and has helped the team win two straight BCS bowls.  The Trojans have lost a combined eight games these past two seasons.  The Ducks have lost seven games since 2009. Those three sentences aren’t intended to be rubbed in the faces of USC fans (ok, they kind of are) …

An elite recruit and stable of returning studs – Future looks bright for Oregon Baseball

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The offseason hasn’t been all fireworks and barbeques for the Oregon baseball team. Their best hitter last season, Ryon Healy, signed a $500,000 deal with the Oakland A’s, who took him in the third round of the MLB draft. Young and promising pitcher Cole Wiper was also drafted and paid – the Texas Rangers signed him for a surprisingly high $700,000. Other …