Are We Going to See a New Type of Oregon Football?

Matt Bryant Editorials

Summer’s perennial promise has again faded into guilt. I am not so old that summer has lost all its romance, yet every summer I grow more eager for the gift of fall: Oregon football. And as each season starts, we tend to look backwards, however briefly. Many may prefer to forget the Alamo Bowl, but in all things we must …

Bones of Cupcakes Litter Road to Final Four

Mike Merrell Editorials

Mike Merrrell’s Three-and-Out The path to the national championship is teeming with eastern teams leaving bones of cupcakes in their wake. The conference with the toughest, deepest competition is relegated to being the only of the Five Power Conferences with no more than a single “New Year’s Six” bowl. And the Heisman Trophy will undoubtedly go to the best player …

Colorado Native Baylis Talks Upcoming Game, Senior Day

Austin Willhoft FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

With the Colorado game looming closer, emotions are rising as this Saturday will be the last game for the Ducks’ seniors. These strong feelings in the home finale could ultimately fuel the Ducks into dominating the Buffaloes. When the Ducks played the Utes two weeks ago, the injury bug unfortunately struck the team, leaving some important holes for the Ducks to fill this week. …

NFL goal helps Oregon tight end Pharaoh Brown push past tragedies

Victor Flores Men of Oregon: Players and Coaches

When Pharaoh Brown called his mother on graduation day, he sounded calm. Jeannetta Smith assumed her son was pulling another prank, but this one angered her. “This is not how you play,” Smith said. Brown wasn’t joking. His friend, Fred Zuber, had drowned hours earlier. He sounded calm because he was in shock. Brown, Zuber and three […]

Recruiting Analysis: Buckle Up as National Signing Day Approaches Like a Blur

Chris Charbonnier FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

Coaches don’t get gray hair in November, they get it in January.  This is the time of year, while most think college football has gone cold and dark, that coaches everywhere are making a frenzied final push to sign the best class they possibly can.  This includes ensuring their class doesn’t suffer any losses, which is tough considering the number …

Knowing When to Leave: The Stark Contrast in Finales for Aliotti and Mack

Nathan Roholt FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

  Knowing the right time to leave is a sign of a professional, and at the same time is never an easy task.  No one wants to walk away when they are up, hoping to sustain those highs as long as possible.  Conversely, no one wants to walk away when they are down, always assuming that their fortunes will reverse …

Deep in the Dark Hearts of Texas

Kim Hastings FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

Good morning Ducks fans of good faith and disposition.  On behalf of and it’s international subsidiaries, allow me to be the first to wish you a Happy New Year and a pleasing beating of them Longhorns hailin’ from the University of Texas. The Texas Longhorns.  What can be said about them that hasn’t already been said on NCAA investigations …

How to Spend the Days Until the Alamo Bowl

Nathan Roholt FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

Kevin Cline For die-hard football fans, the calendar is broken up into two sections, football season and the off-season. The off-season is primarily spent wishing for the runaway train of football season, where once the season starts, die-hard fans jump on and bid adieu to their friends and family until the winter.  Only the absence of footballs at season’s end …

Recruiting Update: 2015 Class on the Horizon

Mark Flores FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

Steve Francis Football Recruiting Recruiting Trail Just hours following the latest edition of the War, head coach Mark Helfrich and Co. hit the road for the postseason recruiting cycle.  With another regular season in the books, Oregon will begin shoring up our 2014 class and look to the future as high school juniors transition into their final prep campaign. His …