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For Oregon fans and the staff at—this has been an amazing football season. We lost two games, yet remain one the nations top five teams; and for us long term fans an incredible third BCS game in a row? We began to closely analyze the Oregon Offense this year and were delighted to have all the surprises from Chip that have been wonderfully entertaining.

We have learned how so much of the Oregon Spread is predicated upon what the defense gives us, and how we “read” defenders on almost every play. This Pac-12 Championship game gave us numerous examples of that and could be epitome of a complete “READ” game from Oregon and Darron Thomas. We examine with pride at the success of a few of so many READ plays in this game and yet with regret at having the season come to an end….

“Oh how we love to learn about our beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer  (FishDuck)
Oregon Football Analyst for
Eugene, Oregon

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Charles Fischer

Charles Fischer

Charles Fischer has been an intense fan of the Ducks for thirty years and has written reports on football boards for over a dozen years. Known as “FishDuck” on those boards, he is acknowledged for providing intense detail in his scrimmage reports and in his Xs and Os play analyses. He and his wife Lois, a daughter, Christine, and their dog (Abbie) reside in Eugene, Oregon, where he has been a financial advisor for 30 years serving clients in seven different states. He does not profess to be a coach or analyst, but simply a “hack” that enjoys sharing what he has learned and invites others to correct or add to this body of Oregon Football! See More...

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  1. Great job Charles.

    Just wondering if DT was reading a defensive end or not on the 3 Deep vs. 4 vert concept. Looks like Weems is kick stepping and there was no run threat at all in this play.But If you were right, It would be nearly unstoppable to have a draw read, and then a RNS 60 Series read in the secondary. Essentially a quadruple option! Wow!

    • Charles Fischer says:

      You would be the first to catch that!  The DE was not being ignored as they do when they “read” them, yet I’ve seen him do that for the IZR/Bubble combo in the past.  I thought I will describe what he does on occasion even if he didn’t do it this time.

      Usually people’s eyes glaze over at that much detail…you WOULD have to listen closely.  :)  Good stuff.


  2. Chris says:

    appreciate you guys

  3. Anonymous says:

    Attention to all the Coaches out there….read this before writing. 

    This an extension of what I wrote below to Josh since others have
    mentioned it as well.  That is the problem of operating on too little


    Thomas didn’t read the DE because Weems was going back in
    pass-blocking mode. The point I was trying to make is that Darron makes
    multiple reads on tons of plays. In this play the major read was noting the
    Free Safety sliding over to cover the Slot and revealing the 3 deep zone, and reading of course
    WHICH of the four verticals is getting open.

    Darron reads Inside zone reads AND Bubble plays at the same time on regular
    basis, and that is the point I should have made. Note in the opening minute how
    I was asking about whether the Inside Linebacker was being “read”,
    and although it looked like it–Thomas clearly read the DE first and then saw
    the ILB charge the RB with a gap opening up from the vacated ILB.

    Thus he read two reads on that play as well. So you were right on this play.  I can’t get ahead of myself, or I need to
    make the point better. I’ll learn!



  4. Marshmallowman says:

    Fish….Great analysis as always. I do have one disagreement about the TD to Paulson. You said in the video that DT was reading the linebacker to see if he had good or bad coverage on Paulson, which was correct. Where I disagree though is where you stated that if the coverage had been good, DT would have then switched reads to the defensive end and determined weather to keep the ball for a QB run or to hand off to LMJ. You can see by the blocking scheme of the offensive lineman that this was going to be strictly a passing play all the way as all 5 lineman dropped into pass protection, and that there was never an option for a zone-read run with DT and LMJ. The mesh with LMJ was always intended to be a play fake and nothing more. This is one of those plays where most in the national media will say that we are zone-reading on every play, but we know through Chip’s comments, that there are many plays designed to look like a read play but in reality are just a basic designed running or passing play. Would love to hear your thoughts on this point, and of course if I missed something in my analysis please dont hesitate to correct me. And, once again, thank you for all the hard work you do on this site.

    • marshmallowman says:

      Wow…guess that I should have read the comments section before I posted! Oh well…thanks for the clarification posted below :p

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great stuff folks.

    Go Ducks.

  6. Thyron19 says:

    Hey, I love your website this ducks offense is fun to watch! However, as a Nebraska fan myself I loved how you pointed out Owamagbe getting beat up at the line because as you may know he was considering the huskers quite seriously aswell. 

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