The Fish Report: Chip’s Final Rose Bowl Surprises

The Fish Report: Chip’s Final Rose Bowl Surprises

Josh Schlichter
Reported by Josh Schlichter on January 25, 2012

After all the smoke has cleared, there are a few key certainties. One: The Rose Bowl is one of the most important victories in the history of Oregon Football. Two: Despite losing two great leaders on offense, Oregon will be reloaded next fall with a bright, new horizon. And, Three: Oregon’s head coach will be Chip Kelly next season.
As I was digging around to find more material to cover I found definite patterns in Chip’s play calling, and even a brand new wrinkle that may have never been used before. All that and more in this week’s video. Enjoy!

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  • Anonymous

    That new play, the “Dart” is something I look forward to covering in a new “FishDuck Minute” next week.  Nice catch on that!

    I loved the report–but I am a little biased!


  • Gageac

    You are really only a freshman? Thanks for stepping up to the plate the way you have. Great work!

    • http://twitter.com/joshschlichter Josh Schlichter

      Yep! And it’s been an honor, thanks for the support

  • Zyme

    Come on man, you are talking about the duck, show some energy. You have the video side down, try and work on your narration. There are a lot of dead air where you are just showing a muted video.