The FishDuck One-On-One: Patrick Johnson

Each week’s Kurt Liedtke will be speaking with current/former student athletes, other FishDuck contributors, and outside experts in a one-on-one conversation, the weekly video podcast.

This week Patrick Johnson joined the One-On-One to talk about his days as an Oregon Duck (1994-1997), his NFL career, his new social media website, and his Olympic pursuits.

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FishDuck Staff

FishDuck Staff

These are articles where the writer just had a few, or for some reason did not want their name on it any longer--so we assigned it to "staff." We are grateful to all the writers who contributed to the site through these articles.

  • I would have loved to heard his perspective on De’anthony coming to oregon, it seems like they had a very similar recruiting process being so cal natives, and playing RB in high school and being recruited by other schools as a DB. Im glad that oregon had become the place to go for kids who would just rather play offense because it seems they turn out pretty well.

    • Thanks for listening.  The conversation with patrick went upwards of an hour and I had to whittle down a bit to the good stuff, but one thing that was interesting that was on the cutting room floor is Patrick’s perspective of the pro set offense Oregon used to run vs. the spread now, and the concerns over whether or not it develops guys for the next level. 
      As you heard Patrick talked about how Oregon prepped him for the NFL, but there is concern if the spread doesn’t prepare guys for the NFL pro set.  I think Jeff Maehl, DJ Davis, and Ed Dickson all being on NFL rosters right now would argue otherwise, but it makes for an interesting conversation.

  • Guest

    I enjoyed the interview but I found the quiet music in the background pretty distracting.

    • Thank you, I will be more conscious of that for future episodes. 
      Thanks for listening!

    • Chileduck

      My goodness.  I didn’t even notice the background music until this was pointed out.   But I really enjoyed the interview.  It would be nice to have a full and edited highlight version of this… but I’m not complaining.