Thursday Player Profiles: Cristin Mclemore “Real Talk” (Video Interview)

FishDuck friends!

This week I had the honor of sitting down with Oregon Legend Cristin Mclemore (91-95), former Ducks wide receiver who broke just about every receiving record at the UO and was a key figure in the remarkable run to the Roses in 1994 before spending a couple years in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts. His brother Brandon also played for the Ducks (95-99).

We got into a very deep discussion about Oregon Football, life after football, and some good “Real Talk.” I hope that after you watch this you realize, now as I do, that Cristin is so much more than just C- Mac.

Thank you Duck Fans!

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It’s O-TIME!

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Jared Sawyer

Jared Sawyer

Jared Sawyer was born in Eugene and grew up going to games at Auzten Stadium. He has been an avid Duck Fan his entire life, and has recently taken his passion to filmmaking, VLOGing and writing for the Ducks. Jared now resides in San Diego, California where his passion still thrives for the Ducks,and he would like to remind you--It's O TIME!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe that there are no comments on this excellent interview. Let me be the first to say as a long, long duck fan, that Christen McLemore was absolutely one of the most exciting receivers ever for the ducks. His insights on the upcoming ducks team and his feelings about Cliff Harris and all kids, and that’s just what they are, KIDS is top drawer. 

    Anyone who listens to Christen on this interview and doesn’t come away with a tear in their eye is still a fan maybe, but if they can find the open door to those past great duck player’s souls and really listen about the things they willingly overcame, I’m talking about race divisions that existed and how they settled the issue then they will be even stronger fans today. Great, great interview Jared. This one moved to the top in my view. Thanks

    • Thejaredsawyer

       Stacheduck. Thank you! I’d agree, Cristin is sincerely one of the most humble and inspiring people I’ve ever had the honor to talk to. His passion for helping these kids develop properly both socially & on the field is only surpassed by his love & passion for Oregon. I’ll be really candid, you couldn’t see it on the film but I was tearing up talking to him. It was truly a defining moment for me as being a person apart of this whole sports writing blogging fishducking duck fan what ever you wanna call it. It was really moving. THANK YOU!

      – Jared –

  • Anonymous

    This is the best video interview of an Oregon player that I have ever seen.  Cristin was a hero of mine and I think of him often when I wear my favorite ’95 Rose Bowl sweater.  He projects such wisdom, such warmth…we are so fortunate to have him in the Oregon family.  This is an interview that every serious duck fan should watch, and we are grateful to Jared for making such a unique experience available for all of us.

    Truly memorable.  Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Jared, this was fantastic — A Must Watch.

    To Cristin, Thank you for becoming the person you are, and for being a great role model.  So glad to know you’re talking to the young men coming into the program.  Your perspectives are so valuable to them and anyone who’ll listen to you.

    One of my happiest/most exciting Moments as Duck Fan was the ’95 Rose Bowl, sitting in the end zone where Cristin caught the third quarter, game tying catch.  when Danny O’Neil threw the ball towards the pylon, I (swear) I yelled, “McLemore!!” — then Cristin leaped above two defenders, looking like MJ in Space Jam, snagged the ball and got one toe in as 2 PSU defenders tackled him.  Duck fans went absolutely beserk. I agree completely with Cristin — Ducks coulda shoulda won that game.  You can see the play here:  — or YouTube search McLemore’s catch in 1995 Rose Bowl.

    Kim Hastings did a nice write-up of that season and Ducks’ Civil War win.

    Please let us know how we can support the Mentors’ program Cristin mentioned.
    Evan Hendricks, DC Duck

  • Duck95

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