The FishDuck Minute No. 4: Oregon QB Zone Read Essentials


How does Bryan Bennett run the Zone Read play so well?  Let’s take a quick look at what makes this Quarterback so special with one of our foundation plays.


[tubepress video=”XHv2XGATaH4″ embeddedWidth=’534′ embeddedHeight=’314′ title=”false” length=”false”]


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Charles Fischer

Charles Fischer

Charles Fischer has been an intense fan of the Ducks for thirty years and has written reports on football boards for over a dozen years. Known as “FishDuck” on those boards, he is acknowledged for providing intense detail in his scrimmage reports and in his Xs and Os play analyses. He and his wife Lois, a daughter, Christine, and their dog (Abbie) reside in Eugene, Oregon, where he has been a financial advisor for 30 years serving clients in seven different states. He does not profess to be a coach or analyst, but simply a “hack” that enjoys sharing what he has learned and invites others to correct or add to this body of Oregon Football! See More...

  • JConant

    Great stuff as always.

  • Cpdux

    Why does your video not load on my iPhone when it is an imbedded you tube video?

    •  Our videos are recorded in hi-def at 720p, your phone may not be set up to handle 720p streaming. There are alternate picture quality settings available, perhaps try adjusting your phone’s settings for video streaming.

    • Duck4Life


      I had the same problem. I discovered that the iPhone doesn’t like embedded utube clips. If you tap on the hyperlink title at the top of the clip instead of the play arrow it will open in a new window and work just fine.

      • fishduck

         CP and Duck4Life….

        We are about to have a major change to the settings with the website in 10 days.  We will then be loading MUCH faster on each page and it will fit all smart phones and tablets, as I just saw last night how the changes worked with mobile devises from our beta site.

        It will get better soon….

        Thanks for your patience.

  • Grant Smith

    dennis dixon was faster. besides that good video

    • Josh White

      The QB running styles differ a bit, as Dixon had those long strides. Here are the numbers:

      Bryan Bennett 40: 4.52

      Dennis Dixon 40: 4.49 or 4.58 (college vs NFL combine)

      Akili Smith 40: 4.66

      Reggie Ogburn 40: 4.5 (unofficial)

      • mrvp

        Great video as ever but if we are just going on numbers why isn’t anyone considering Marcus Mariota as a possibility going forward? 1″ taller but 5lbs lighter than Bennett and clocked at 4.48 in a 40? – so in terms of physical ability it’s a coin flip. Surely for next season it has to come down to who has the greatest potential (and I hate to use the word but upside).

        • fishduck

           Hello mrvp,

          I’m talking about Mariotta because none of us has actually seen him in real scrimmage-type situations.  Last fall we were held 75 yards away from the field and couldn’t see anything, and he didn’t play in any game….so the measurables are impressive, but NOBODY actually knows.

          I see people all the time talking about “how he’s going to take it away from BB.”  What do they base that on?  High School tape?  Now I admit it is the most impressive of any HS tape of a QB I believe I’ve seen….but EVERY recruit coming in has great tape.  That’s why we recruiting them!

          So….I will not proclaim anything on MM until I actually see him play.  I KNEW BB would run the Zone Read well in games because I saw it in the scrimmages.  (Before they were closed)

          Marcus COULD end up being the greatest QB ever at Oregon….but things derail people, which is why they all don’t start.

          Let’s see him play first.

          • mrvp

            Hi Charles,

            More than fair point and I wasn’t disputing it – I think both BB and MM will both run the play perfectly well, I think physically both are very similar (similar builds, times and ratings) – I just feel that MM will ultimately prove to be the better option.

            When 40 times were mentioned above I felt it was right to make the point. Can’t agree more that we will need to see him play first I just feel that MM ultimately has better intangibles that will work out better within the extents of the playbook (if that makes sense). I will admit I have been swayed by comments out there regarding MM, I just think he will work out. Sorry for getting slightly off topic.

  • Charles – way to give kudos to the shoulder’s we’ll be riding next year.  Smart move and great analysis!  Fish ON!