FishDuck Weekly Video Log – Episode 38

FishDuck Weekly Video Log – Episode 38

FishDuck Staff
Reported by FishDuck Staff on April 15, 2012
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Every week Kurt Liedtke (better known as Keeerrrttt1), co-owner of FishDuck.com, creates video blogs (vlogs) to update all you fine folk on all things FishDuck, a free-form discussion of current events about Oregon Ducks sports and all that’s new with FishDuck.com, with the occasional off-topics or rants. It’s a little off-the-cuff, perhaps slightly pretentious, somewhat rambling, and hopefully entertaining…so kick back, relax, drink up, and let’s talk a little Duck sports.

The opinions expressed in these videos are strictly the opinions of Keeerrrttt1 and do not necessarily reflect the views of all involved with FishDuck.com.

The FishDuck Weekly Video Log
Episode #38 – April 15th, 2012

Topics include:
Oregon spring game (0:40), New national championship? (3:41), Oregon baseball (4:21) Track & Field update (5:30), Softball (6:39), Lacrosse (7:06), FishDuck.com update (8:40), Random tweet of the week (11:40), Music Recommendation of the Week: Coachella Music Festival 4/13-15 (11:52)


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  • Scott

    Hey Kurt. As a proud South Eugene Axeman and of course, Oregon Duck I wanted to say thanks for all you do for the Ducks. Also, you most likely already knew this but the Oregon connection to Modern Family is actor Ty Burrell. He grew up in southern Oregon and although he didn’t attend U of O, he was a lifelong Duck fan… In fact, his big brother, John was my fraternity brother (Phi Psi) at Oregon back in the late ’70s.

    • http://www.FiShDuck.com Kurt Liedtke

      Yes, Ty Burrell has been a longtime supporter of the Ducks.
      Before the BCS national championship game in 2011 they had him on ESPN appearing on several programs talking about his Oregon roots. They’ve talked about the 95 Rose Bowl on the show before and mentioned Oregon a couple times. This past episode they mentioned Oregon three times.

      Thank you for watching/reading our content here on FishDuck.com, and for the kind words. I appreciate it.

  • Willard

    Ty Burrell did attend the U of O.  I took several classes with him at the University of Oregon’s Theater Department in Villard Hall.  Acting 1,2,3,4, and the 4 Shakespeare Courses tought by Bob Barton.