One-On-One: Oregon Ducks cornerback Anthony Gildon (2007-11)

Anthony Gildon celebrating Oregon's Pac-12 championship

Each week’s Kurt Liedtke (better known as Keeerrrttt1) speaks with current/former student athletes, other FishDuck contributors, and outside experts in a one-on-one conversation–the One-On-One.

This week Kurt is joined by Oregon Ducks cornerback Anthony Gildon, who came to Oregon in 2007 alongside fellow Oaks Christian High School teammate Casey Matthews. A talented athlete, Gildon still holds the record for best vertical leap at Oregon at the cornerback position. He played an important role on special teams and in the secondary rotation during his five years in Eugene, helping lead Oregon to three BCS games.

One-On-One: Oregon Ducks cornerback Anthony Gildon (2007 – 2011)
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FishDuck Staff

FishDuck Staff

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5 Responses

  1. LADuck says:

    Great interview, Kurt..wonderful insight into a very fine young man and devastatingly tough DB…you know wherever Anthony’s life leads him he will excel…Did AG’s nfl stock drop because of his injury? 

  2. Cdd377 says:

    Thanks, Kurt.  I’m loving these interviews!

  3. TD1828 says:

    Did AG not want to talk about his injury this year?  With CK’s policy, I don’t remember really getting any clear details (neck?).  After 6 games, AG was playing great, then missed two, came back I believe for the Stanford game, then he missed the rest of the year including getting to play in the Rose Bowl.  Is he healthy now?  One thing for sure is AG’s got NFL size and measurables:  6-1 and 180, 39.5 inch vertical, totaled the third strongest pound for pound member of Oregon’s Iron Club in 2010;  and, I bet he could run around 4.45-4.55.  Without the injury, I think he’s going to at least an NFL camp somewhere.  Missed him against USC too.

    •  Thanks for watching. Whenever we do these the toughest part is deciding what to cut in the interest of keeping things reasonably short. I usually have a solid half hour of great material I have to somehow try to trim down to about 10-15 minutes. Unfortunately a lot of really great stories end up on the cutting room floor, but I hope people find these videos entertaining.
      Discussing some of his injuries was something that did not make the final cut of the video.

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