Four games where Oregon could be vulnerable

As of today, the start of Oregon’s college football season is 48 days away.

Many in the media anticipate the Ducks winning their first eight going into Los Angeles against USC on Nov. 3.

But there is at least two games before then — and two games after — where things could get dicey for Oregon.
Here is a look:

Mike Leach, Washington State's new head coach

Sept. 29: Oregon at WSU (in Seattle) — Coach Mike Leach will be an unknown — at least in the Pac-12 Conference for a bit, and this will be the Ducks first conference road game, albeit in Qwest Field in Seattle, that will have plenty of Oregon fans on hand. Given Leach’s history at Texas Tech of taking less-skilled players and turning them into giant-killers, the Cougars could put up a fight into the second half.

Oct. 6: Washington at Oregon — It’s the Huskies in Eugene. Enough said, particularly in light of the Ducks’ 8-game winning streak in the series, right? Well, all streaks must end eventually, and UW coach Steve Sarkisian is on a mission to beat Oregon. Will this be the year? Could the Huskies finally come away victorious? If the Ducks have turnover issues, then this one could be up for grabs.

Nov. 10: Oregon at Cal — The Ducks better be ready for this one — a week after they play USC — because you know the Bears will be well-prepped. Oregon has a history of struggling at California. The Bears should be significantly better than last year’s disappointing squad. Will they have enough to pull off the upset, though?

California coach Jeff Tedford

Nov. 17: Stanford at Oregon — The Cardinal is a bit of a mystery with Andrew Luck no longer around. But Stanford will field a big, tough offensive line and a good defense. By Week 11, the quarterbacking should be settled. But given this one is in Eugene, it will probably take some miscues on the part of the Ducks for Oregon to stumble.

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FishDuck Staff

FishDuck Staff

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  • Coastal Duck

    I think we are lucky to be playing Wazzu early on vis a vis the new coaching staff there, as it usually takes a good half-season for the entire offense to get on the same page.

    Same with the Dogs and the new D scheme.

    Cal, as noted, has always given the Ducks fits throughout the years – especially in Berkeley – and with the new stadium retrofit, there is a HUGE possibility of an upset.

    Stanford will bring their typical smash-mouth style to bear and the Ducks better smash ’em back in the mouth or risk being run out of the friendly confines of Awesome Stadium.

    Thanks for the article – well done.

  • Tomba

    I think Mike Leach is getting a little to much credit not only in your report but by a lot of fans and media.  Sure, he is an improvement from Paul Wullf, but I think its a splashy name that people recognize.  If you look at his history at Texas Tech, he was a mid level coach.  Sure, he had a great season in 2008, but he usually was 5-3 or 4-4 in the Big 12.  Its not like he dominated at Texas Tech.

    Cal is scary, not because of the fact they played us close in 2010, its scary because the 2 pac 12 games we have lost under Chip have essentially been let down games.  2009 we lost at Stanford after the big USC win and then last year we lost to USC after the big Stanford win.  So, playing Cal after a big potential win at USC, is scary.

  • J10eff

    No mention of Fresno State? Oregon State overlooked Fresno State in 2001 and got beat 44-24. The beavers were destroyed. Ducks better bring it against Fresno State. They are no joke and have a new coach willing to prove his team is for real.

    • Josh White

      Jeff? Not mentioning fresno state was correct. The Bulldogs 11 years ago with #1 draft pick David Carr do not resemble the current version of the team. Sort of like how the Beavs team over a decade ago has nothing to do with next year’s Ducks. Fresno st should be a tougher contest than Ark st or Tenn Tech, but Oregon should not be worried about them.