Chip Kelly Update: Boots on the Ground

Mark Saltveit

Mark Saltveit

Mark Saltveit's newest book is "Controlled Chaos: Chip Kelly's Football Revolution" (Diversion Books, NY) has been recently released. He is the author of "The Tao of Chip Kelly" (2013) and writes on science, religion, wordplay and political scandals. He is also a standup comedian and the world palindrome champion.

  • hoboduck

    What a great report. Very nice work here thank you. I have no worries regarding “the Maehl man, he will get it done. CM needs to pick it up a bit.
    Go Ducks WTD

    • Mark Saltveit

      Thank! Jason Avant, the Eagles’ slot receiver, reminds me a lot of Maehl at Oregon: not super speedy, but somehow he always manages to separate, catch the ball and hang on even after big hits. They’re both play makers. But as noted, Maehl will be mostly special teams this year. He was a hard-hitting safety in high school, and Chip especially values safeties in kick coverage for obvious reasons. I guess theoretically Maehl would be an emergency backup as safety for the Eagles, too.

  • Dilwala_G

    Mark – An Eagles fan here – can you help demystify the placards with pictures and with numbers being used by coaches on the sideline? Are the placards for the O and D line, or linebackers, or secondary? And the numbers? I was at the game last night (what a great win against DC) and there were placards of the fresh prince, rocky, philly phanatic, brian dawkins, oregon duck mascot

    • FishDuck

      If you really think we would give away any of Chip’s secrets–you’re nuts. Yes….I DO know what they are for and how they are used, but I have not written about it yet in two years of the site, nor will I.

      Nice try.

      • Dilwala_G

        Apologies, am truly an ardent Eagles fan, not trying to undo my team’s competitive advantage, just generally curious about the nature of the cards, not what play they signify in particular. Anyway, it was super entertaining to be at the game and watch the coaches use the cards. Hope they catch that on the tv coverage this year too, it’s a lot of fun :)

  • hokieduck

    It is Tuesday morning after Monday night football. Chip set the sport on its ear last night although the major question still remains as to whether a (dressed out) 46 man roster can play his type of football for a full 4 quarters.

    Admittedly, the Eagles took a huge lead into halftime and Chip stepped hard on the brakes in the last two quarters but it is clear he stepped too early and too hard on those same brakes.

    He had some moments wherein he showed his inexperience (not challenging then challenging the wrong play, for example) but, overall, he announced in no uncertain terms that teams discount his Eagles at their peril.

    Truly enjoyed Jon Gruden in the box last night. Finally, someone who knows a little and appreciates a lot about CK.

    Go Chip! Go Eagles!