BCS Review: I Smell Roses for Oregon, Maybe More?

Oregon defeats Utah 44-21

The team that pulled last week’s big upset against Oregon, was in turn the victim of college football’s Week 12 big upset, as Stanford fell in dramatic fashion to USC, 20-17, on Saturday night.  This loss propels Oregon back in the driver’s seat in the Pac-12 North.

The Ducks are now the top one-loss team in the nation and, if chaos were to occur, could find themselves back in BCS title game contention.

The Ducks are now No. 5 in the country after the tree fell and Oregon coasted to victory over the Utes, 44-21.  Oregon had a 17-7 lead at the half after a slower than usual start, but an 86-yard kickoff return by De’Anthony Thomas to start the second half, fueled the offense to four straight touchdowns to pull away to victory.

Oregon defeats Utah 44-21

They bounced back from the dreadful loss last week, piling up 433 total yards on offense, while holding Utah to 116 yards rushing on 42 attempts.

Marcus Mariota continued his Heisman campaign, throwing for 288 yards and three scores — and he has yet to throw an interception on the season.  He is now 183-285 (61%) on the year with a 25-0 touchdown-interception ratio.

As it looks now, if the Ducks win out the rest of the regular season and emerge victorious from the Pac-12 title game, they will play in the Rose Bowl against the winner of the B1G championship.

Remaining on the schedule for Oregon is a trip to Tuscon to face Arizona and for the season finale, a classic Civil War game.  They should win both of these games but each of those teams post an offense that can compete, if they elevate their performance on defense.

The Wildcats are just 6-4 this season but their running back, Ka’Deem Carey, could cause trouble for Oregon’s defense.  Carey has rushed more than 100 yards in every game this year and is a very tough runner, which has caused problems for the Duck defense.

Two running backs with similar size and running style to Carey: Washington’s Bishop Sankey (160 yards, two touchdowns) and Stanford’s Tyler Gaffney (157 yards, one touchdown).  Each had successful days on the ground against Oregon this year.

Oregon State should be a tougher opponent with the expertise of quarterback Shaun Mannion to guide them, but he and the beavers have had recent struggles.  They started out the year 6-1 but have lost three straight; Mannion has a 4-7 touchdown-interception ratio in those losses.

Can the Ducks re-establish themselves as Pac-12 Champions this season?

Amazing Moments Photography

Can the Ducks re-establish themselves as Pac-12 Champions this season?

If the Ducks were to win both, they would then have a Pac-12 title game against a wide open south division, consisting of No. 14 UCLA, No. 17 Arizona State and No. 23 USC.

Arizona State leads both the Bruins and Trojans by a game, but the picture will clear itself up within the next few weeks; ASU plays UCLA next week, and then the Bruins will travel to South Central to face USC in the battle for LA in the last game of the regular season.

Now it’s time to unfold some of the chaos that could potentially take over the college football world.

No. 1 Alabama has a big game against No. 6 Auburn in the Iron Bowl in their finale and an SEC title game to finish the season.  Auburn has been exceptional this year coming off a 3-9 2012 campaign.  They are 10-1 in 2013, with their only loss coming in Death Valley to LSU, and considering the miracle 73-yard Hail Mary, a prayer they had answered to keep their season alive, they may have the best shot at dethroning the champs.

Florida State remained at No. 2 in this week’s standings and luckily have the easiest road to Pasadena. Their wins have been more convincing than any team’s this year, and the only games that will potentially give them trouble would be a banged-up Florida team or their opponent in the ACC championship game – most likely Duke or Virginia Tech.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 5.10.29 PM

At No. 3 is Ohio State who are still rolling with the nation’s longest winning streak, now up to 22 games.  They still have a rival game against Michigan in Ann Arbor but their biggest test will be the Big 10 championship, which will presumably be against No. 13 Michigan State.  The Spartans have arguably the best defense in the country, allowing a mere 13.2 points per game.
Baylor comes in at their highest BCS ranking in school history at No. 4, but it has a few more road bumps coming as well, with games away against No. 10 Oklahoma State and TCU, while finishing in Waco versus the Texas Longhorns.  These three games will determine how good this Bears offense really is and if their defense can play consistent on a week-to-week basis.

With still much football left to be played, there is still hope for Oregon.  They will need a lot of help in order to jump back into the NCG picture, but they are the first listed one-loss team and are just waiting for a slip by the undefeated – and undefeated seasons are hard to come by in college sports.


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Bryan Holt

Bryan Holt

Bryan Holt is a 20 year old junior at the University in Oregon looking to major in Journalism and Communications with hopes in pursuing a career as a sports writer or analyst.

  • Jay

    Correction needed in your opening paragraph; Stanford lost 20-17

    • FishDuck

      Got it-thanks.

  • Mark A.

    Nice article.

    • Bryan Holt

      Thank you

  • disqus_Zh8hDRwXyI

    Thanks so much for this site and the forum it is greatly appreciated.
    I read most everything I come across from all local sources.

    Just a couple thoughts on how this program has appeared to “shift” in terms of off the field policies. Perhaps it’s the increased media attention being paid to the football program but it appears that coach H has allowed the players more freedom to comment. As well he seems more confusingly open to the press. Meaning I often don’t understand his points when he resorts to metaphor and abstract analogies. Coach H seems to accommodate inane questions from the media where Coach K was always brief and downright dismissive of silly/inane questions.

    I guess I am just a little amazed and disappointed at DAT’s comments in the RG today and on the visual media as well. His dismissal of the possibility of going to the Rose Bowl as “no big deal” because the team’s been there and done that. For one this is NOT” win the day” type of thinking.
    With no disrespect intended to the talent and popularity of this young man I believe the team has gotten away from the focus of that win the day concept. Avoiding trap questions which ask how someone “feels” about a scenario which is less than a given would go a long way.

    DAT has played a substantial part in the duck’s successs and as well has been equally responsible in the team’s losses to Stanford. In both games he lost focus, last year by overlooking his responsibility to assure the ball carrier(MM) made it to the end zone. This year’s game it appeared he did not fight to retain possession of his fumble, again this appeared to be a loss of focus.

    If DAT is less than excited at the possibility of his team representing the conference in the Rose Bowl he must accept that his lapses played no insignificant part of that fate, should they be able to focus on the challenges ahead of them in the next two games and a third if they can succeed to accomplish each of those challenges. His comments once again would seem to give this week’s opponent bulletin board material.

    I would humbly offer that our coaching staff reassert the need to execute and stay in this moment, advise the athletes to limit their comments to the next task at hand.

    Go Ducks win the day !
    And again thanks for the forum from a long time fan who’s been behind the Ducks through thick and a lot more thin than 9-1 w/ 2 or three games left in the regular season.