College Football Playoff Committee Rankings

The College Football Playoff Committee has released its first rankings. It goes as follows:

1) Mississippi State
2) Florida State
3) Auburn
4) Ole Miss
5) Oregon
6) Alabama
7) TCU
8) Michigan State
9) Kansas State
10) Notre Dame

It’s SEC West heavy at the top, but that was expected. Keep in mind that most of these SEC teams still have to play one another, and they will inevitably put an end to one another’s playoff hopes as I explain in more detail here:

An obvious omission is Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish went toe-to-toe with the Seminoles, and only lost the game after what would have been the game-winning touchdown was called back on a pass interference call. I thought Notre Dame would’ve been right behind Oregon and Alabama at No. 7.

Outside of the Top 10, the Pac-12 had four other teams crack the Top 25: No. 12 Arizona, No. 14 Arizona State, No. 17 Utah and No. 22 UCLA.

This bodes well for Oregon; the Ducks are right where they want to be. With Oregon at No. 5, it makes it highly unlikely that they could get hopped by the likes of No. 7 TCU, No. 8 Michigan State or No. 9 Kansas State. Barring a loss, Oregon will undoubtedly be in the inaugural College Football Playoff.

Top photo by Craig Strobeck

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