My Husky Hatred is Irrational: is yours?


Coach Bellotti had to catch himself and just stopped for a moment after what he had just heard after an Oregon Club meeting about seven years ago. I told him, “really–it IS OK to put seventy points on the Huskies, as we’ll rarely ever get that opportunity and it lets the second team get scoring reps!” He took a breath and before he could answer…he got hit with another question and used it to avoid answering me.  He smiled at me as he turned to the other journalist; he knew.

Gadfry….what kind of fan am I?  How demented can I be when I say things like that and “you can never beat the Huskies often enough?” I consider myself a good person who works hard and treats others right….and I know of the tremendous research going on at University of Washington that benefits us all,….and I have people close to me that are Huskies and I care very much about them.  So why am I SO irrational with this subject?  Are you, and why?

It is some of their fans that have driven me to this, as back in the 90’s when they were truly great and crunched us every time — their fans were just horrible.  They did their best to rub salt in the wound and remind us how good they were and how we had to “bow down” to them. I’ll give an example of a fellow I’ll call “Sam,” as he would call or email me often over the last 20 years after Oregon-Washington events.  I recall his phone call to me in the early 90’s when he would say over the phone, “Charles….why don’t you combine Oregon and Oregon State and maybe then you would have a decent team?”

Oregon won again?

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Oregon won again?

Geez, what a jerk.  But what could I say?  They were great and we were so bad….I simply could not respond, but boy if I ever could……

Then as the teams changed over the years….so did quips from my Husky acquaintance.  I’ll never forget how going into the Fiesta Bowl against Kansas State he tells me, “Charles–too bad you didn’t make it into the National Championship game.  I guess you guys have to figure out how to beat Stanford!”

Now it was not just the words spoken, but the whiney and almost condescending tone used?  I could not believe my ears.  I responded with, “Sam….my how your trash talking has changed over the years!  Now the worst you can say is that we’re not in the NC game?  Boy, how things have changed!”

Did I hear from him after the Arizona game this year?  Oh yeah.

Yes…it is the horrible fans of Washington that I’ve dealt with over the years that have spawned this irrational hatred within me of their team.  And they wonder why Oregon fans have become so hostile to them?

Think the Huskies wouldn't repeat this?  Think again.

From Video

Think the Huskies wouldn’t repeat this?  Think again.

It would also be from plays like the one above from 2012 where the Husky dragged our star QB back to where his helmet crashed into their bench. Remember that Chris Peterson condoned the Boise State hits that put our QB out and nearly took off the head of Ed Dickson in our game with them years ago. We wear throw-back jerseys Saturday celebrating that win over the Huskies 20 years ago; isn’t that like a red flag in front of a Washington bull?

Charles….how do you sleep at night harboring such hatred against the Washington Huskies?

Well….I think about the young men we are recruiting to sign letters of intent this next February and I ponder how the last time any of them could have watched a Washington victory over Oregon–and it would have been when they were in the first grade.  All their conscious life they have only known Oregon domination….and I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face.

You tell me — is your hatred irrational, and why?

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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Charles Fischer

Charles Fischer

Charles Fischer has been an intense fan of the Ducks for thirty years and has written reports on football boards for over a dozen years. Known as “FishDuck” on those boards, he is acknowledged for providing intense detail in his scrimmage reports and in his Xs and Os play analyses. He and his wife Lois, a daughter, Christine, and their dog (Abbie) reside in Eugene, Oregon, where he has been a financial advisor for 30 years serving clients in seven different states. He does not profess to be a coach or analyst, but simply a “hack” that enjoys sharing what he has learned and invites others to correct or add to this body of Oregon Football! See More...

  • the guy

    My friends that went to UW will go out of their way to be acidic after a Duck loss. I have respect for the school and I love some of the people there, but after living two years in Seattle, I would say the general personality of the natives makes everyone insensitive and snobbish.

    • Guess Who

      Tyee is Native American for The Seventh Circle of Hell. Washington is evil incarnate and I pray for the souls of those born in the wrong place at the wrong time and don’t know any better. Your hatred is neither irrational nor inexplicable. You are a man with a soul recognizing those without. Duck on, Charles.

  • Craig Caramelli

    I believe that the hatred is the result of the disrespect Oregon Fans experienced during the Don James era and the arrogance of the Washington coaches and fans. When people are disrespected or mocked it makes a lasting impression. What goes around comes around.

  • Dave_Seidlitz

    There is no such thing as irrational Huskie hatred. All hatred of the Huskies is rational, proper and necessary to walk in the light.

    • Dave_Seidlitz

      Besides, I have a nice 12-0 t-shirt I’d like to wear after next year’s game.

  • Benjamin_Franklin

    Irrational? I think not. There are still Huskies clinging to the success they experienced in the 1990’s, and conveniently ignoring the 10 year record of absolute mediocrity against the Ducks. True, much of the Husky arrogance has faded as the Oregon winning street increased toward double digits, but even if the streak goes 12 or 14 years, as soon as the Huskies win one game (which, though I hate to admit it, will eventually happen), they will be strutting around boasting of their superiority, and talking about how they are the only NW school of any importance. Two words sum it up perfectly. Huskies Suck. A rational approach would be to loathe them, which I do. This 11th win will feel even better than the 10th. Oh yes, I almost forgot……Ted Bundy was a Husky. Go Ducks!!!

  • FishDuck

    Thanks guys for assuring me I am not in need of therapy. My fear was if I went….and then I saw a Washington diploma on the wall….what would I do then? :)

  • Douglas Fur ’74

    Hating the dawgs is not my issue. This is from my Seattle POV and hearing a local sports radio guy,today, doing an obscenity laden pretend UW locker room pep talk. He’s paid to get the crowd worked up. Me, I feel sympathy for UW being in a ruff patch. I’ve seen plenty of heartbreak from the Ducks. (I do find it ironic when I hear the dump Helfrich whiners saying we should a gotta real coach like Peterson. Who hasn’t been able to pull 6&0 out of his magic hat.) I like to watch a good football game and root for the team closest to Eugene, OSU over WSU or UW over Cal, PAC 12 over any other league or any underdog as we so often have been. I don’t want any team to beat the Ducks but I’m not going to hate them for it. Hate seems incompatible with good sportsmanship.

    Call me old school and I’ll probably say “Eh, what’s that sonny?”

    DRB ’74

  • Webfoot66

    I love that they don’t see us as a rival, or so they claim. It is and will be our #1 in my book. Then our little brother just north of here comes in #2.

    I will go back to when “Neu-Weisel” had a team that beat us on our field. I remember that game not sure what year or the score just that we lost. They stormed the field and danced on our O. I just remember a kid with his dick out jumping up and down while peeing on our field. The coached laughing and having a good time. I don’t think many saw this, but I did and that day is when I wear my give the dawg the bone shirt proud or Huck The Fuskies or a support a huskie free NW shirt.
    This is just one of many feelings of hate I have for the program, their fans, and their city for that matter. GO DUCKS WTD

  • Chuck

    I inherited my hatred of Huskies from my father who remembered them running up the score on us repeatedly. And then the infamous year when they voted to send Cal to the Rose Bowl instead of Oregon’s team, with Norm Van Brocklin, etc., on it. The continued snobbery during the Don James era and then the short, but unpleasant, “New-weasel” era were continuations of a very long tradition of bully-boy attitude by UW fans, players, and coaches toward Oregon.

    May the winning streak never end – and may the games never be close.