Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker: FishDuck.com’s Fool on the Hill, Randy Morse, Talks Florida State vs. Oregon

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Is there a college football team more Americans (and Canadians, and Fijians, and Swedes… you get the picture) love to hate than the Florida State Seminoles? They’re brash and brassy. More often than not they behave like entitled NFLers gone horribly, horribly wrong, led by their bad-boy quarterback, Jameis Winston.

I give you Darth Vader.

On the other hand, is there a team more Americans (and Brits, and Argentinians, and Somoans) love to love than the Oregon Ducks? They play fast, they look cool, and are led by the man almost certain to replace Winston as the new Heisman winner, probably the nicest kid to ever win the award, the greatest export from Hawaii since Don Ho, Marcus Mariota.

I give you Luke Skywalker.

There will be no lack of entertaining story lines leading up to the first-ever college football playoff semifinal this New Year’s Day in Pasadena. I don’t care who your home team may be — if you like college football, you’re in for a treat when these two teams take the field against one another.

Note from the Owner: Randy Morse is a writer/editor/publisher who contributes to FishDuck.com every week, mixing in his unique lifestyle along with his amusing thoughts. The “Hill” he is reporting from is a mountain near an alpine village in British Columbia, Canada where the air is clear…and this time of year it’s always cold! While his location is remote compared to most of us in concentrated metropolitan areas, his heart bleeds green like ours as a passion for our beloved Ducks knows no boundaries! Charles Fischer

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Randy Morse

Randy Morse

Randy Morse (Editor and Writer) is a native Oregonian, a South Eugene High and U of O grad (where he played soccer for the Ducks, waaay back in ’70-‘71). After his doctoral work at the University of Alberta he launched a writing & publishing career – that plus his love of mountaineering has taken him all over the world. An award-winning artist, musician, broadcaster, and author, he’s written 8 books – his writing on media & democracy earned him the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting’s 2014 Dalton Camp Award. He swears he taught LaMarcus Aldridge his patented fade-way jump shot, and is adamant that if he hadn’t left the country (and was a foot taller) he would be the owner of a prosperous chain of fast food outlets and a member of the NBA Hall of Fame by now. If there is a more rabid Ducks fan in the known universe, this would come as a major surprise to Morse’s long-suffering family. He resides in the tiny alpine village of Kaslo, British Columbia.